6 OKR Videos You Will Want To Watch

OKR Videos

We understand that there is a lot to learn about OKRs – but they really aren’t difficult to action and implement in your teams and company.

Our YouTube channel is full of great OKR video content offering advice, tutorials and knowledge about how to embed OKRs and how to make them work.

Here is our best OKR video content, along with some must watch content for leaders who are planning to embed a better way of setting and measuring goals.

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What are OKRs? A simple guide and tutorial to learn OKRs fast.

This OKR video will help you craft great Objectives as well as exploring how completing Initiatives will help to achieve your Key Results.

7 steps to embedding OKRs first time

Embedding OKRs doesn’t need to be strenuous or a massive undertaking. This video will show you 7 simple steps to embedding OKRs first time.

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals – John Doerr

An insightful TED Talk from John Doerr who implemented OKRs successfully at Google. Here we are taught how we can get back on track with Objectives and Key Results.

The top 5 OKR mistakes to avoid

When implemented correctly, the potential that OKRs offer can be incredible for teams and companies. However, easily avoidable mistakes often happen which can kill OKRs in their tracks – often before they get the chance to show the true performance of an organization. This video explores 5 OKR mistakes to avoid.

KPIs vs SMART Goals vs OKRs

What really is the difference between KPIs, SMART Goals and OKRs? This video looks into what each one means, how they are used and the mistakes to avoid.

Connect performance, culture & wellbeing for everyone, everywhere

ZOKRI combines OKR software with features that help monitor and develop wellbeing and culture. If all three don’t work together, each will suffer. This video shows you how to connect performance, culture and wellbeing for everyone.