Whole Company Performance Management

The Best Platform For Strategic Planning, Goal Alignment & Culture Building

You need your people strategically aligned, goal focused, engaged and energized. You can not do this effectively using documents and spreadsheets.

Upgrade your strategy and performance management capabilities and watch it’s impact on the revenue and profit.

De-risk Your Strategy Execution

Your strategy is too valuable to fragment across documents and tools. It needs to be easy to understand and align with, and it needs operationalizing.

ZOKRI give your strategy a platform, heartbeat and pulse. Making this critical planning component easy to align with and deliver on.

Use OKRs To Execute Company Strategy

Every company and team needs to have be using a goal framework to create direction, focus and accountability, with Objectives and Key Results (OKR) being a powerful way to set goal when used well.

ZOKRI makes it easy to learn and use OKRs to set goals that align with strategy, keep teams engaged and focused. Deliver exceptional results and iterative learning quarter after quarter.

Make Sharing Updates & Having Discussions On KPIs, OKRs, Priorities, Issues & More An Easy Habits To Adopt

You need current and accurate progress data along with visibility of issues to optimize progress towards your goals. Of course you want this without chasing, and without it taking your teams lots of time.

Via your desktop or mobile device, ZOKRI streamlines OKR and KPI updates, in addition to making it also easy for you to share issues and potential opportunities. 

This set you up for the great meetings using our amazing meeting management tool. This adds recurring and one-off meetings in diaries, then prepare and present all the slides you want in your perfect agenda e.g. KPI scorecards, OKRs, issues, opportunities, last weeks actions and more. 

High Performance Needs Great People & Culture

Culture is more than values in a presentation or a poster. It’s the glue and holds your people together and underpins team and company performance. This means it needs to be communicated, understood, reinforced continually, and made part of your recognition and development processes.

ZOKRI makes it easy to define and codify your values and high performing cultural traits, and make it part of how you recognize, evaluate and develop your people. Company analysis, team rankings and comparisons, as well as individual rankings are just some of the features that will bring your culture to life.

The Final Optional Performance Boost... Unbiased, Fair & Balanced Performance Management

Employees want to line of sight of how their role and responsibilities help their company to succeed.  When their performance is appraised they want it to be fair, representative and balanced, with the opportunity to continuously learn and develop.

Managers want the processes that enable that to be streamlined and easy to follow, so they can invest their time in listening, managing and coaching.

It’s a tough ask, especially as you do not want individual performance decisions to be at teh expense of team and company performance. The good news is we have got it right with the best and fairest way of evaluating and developing employees being available via ZOKRI’s Performance Management module.

Simple, Secure & Connected

Everything mobile to Single Sign On (SSO) and tool connectivity has been engineered in to ensure teams can be plan, share progress and be alerted to issues with ease.

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