The Ultimate Guide To KPI Management

03. KPIs Software

KPI tracking made simple

Good performance management means connecting teams and employees with the KPI that matter. The metrics that support goal achievement and monitor company and team health.

  • Create, define and assign owners and collaborators when KPI planning.
  • Easily set targets and thresholds for KPIs.
  • Connect KPIs to tools and spreadsheets for automatic updates or get reminded to update them manually.
  • Include KPIs in OKRs in just a few clicks.
  • Make KPIs part of ad hoc and scheduled meeting agenda.
  • Build dashboards just for you or to be shared.

This makes ZOKRI a flexible and best practice way to set and manage KPIs and goals in your company and agile working environment.

Connect employees to performance and help KPI become part of the agenda

KPIs are not useful unless they are up to date and being discussed. Two things that ZOKRI ensures happens.

With OKR software like ZOKRI the KPIs employees own or support are part of their dashboards alongside goals, To-dos and weekly priorities. 

When teams meet to discuss goals, plans, priorities and problems, what is also on-screen are the KPIs that matter to the people on those calls or in the room.