THRIVE – Episode #1 – Peter Kerr [PODCAST]

Welcome to THRIVE – a new podcast that explores the Science behind workplace performance alongside special guests who continuously use their experience and expertise to help companies thrive.

Covid-19 continues to hit companies hard – so it’s more important than ever for teams and companies to align their goals, define their culture and structure well planned meetings with great outcomes captured.

“We all need a common understanding. What's our purpose? What are we aligned to? Why am I even coming to work in the morning?”

In our first episode we welcome OKR expert Peter Kerr of AuxinOKR. We discuss many topics ranging from common OKR mistakes that can be easily avoided, to time wasted in meetings – along with actions you can take to press the re-boot button on your approach to Objectives and Key Results.

If you need help writing Objectives for OKR Software or want to view some OKR examples consider reaching out to us or reading our Ultimate Guide To OKRs.

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We hope you can join us on this journey of discovery with industry experts and professional advice on how you, your teams and your entire company can THRIVE.