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Centralize Strategy, Execution, Meetings, Reporting and Results Win More Clients and Build Stronger Client Relationships.

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AI is Changing Everything, it’s Time for Value and Outcome Based Billing

Are you tired of the traditional time-billing model that leaves both your agency and clients feeling uncertain and unsatisfied? It’s time for a change.

ZOKRI empowers companies selling professional services to adopt an outcome-focused approach, driving transparency, accountability, agility, and most importantly, results.

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Outcome-Based Goals: The Key to a Winning Partnership

Our innovative software enables you to align client strategy with measurable outcomes, shifting the focus from billing hours to delivering tangible value.

This approach fosters stronger client relationships, as both parties are aligned on the end goal and can track progress together.

Goal Setting, Execution, Meetings,  Reporting & More, ALL Streamlined

ZOKRI guides your delivery teams through the executional processes and rituals that keep everyone focused on value, on track, accountable, and results-driven:

Why Outcome Focused Beats Time Billing

In comparison to time, that is quickly becoming an outdated time-billing model, an
outcome-focused approach offers several advantages:

Have A Valued Point-of-Difference, Attract
More Clients and Win More Business

By working with goals and tasks, you will be more appealing to potential clients who value outcome-driven partnerships, transparency and agility

This approach demonstrates your commitment to delivering real value and measurable results, which will help you pitch and win more business.

Outcome-Driven Partnerships Are great For Business

Leaders have a preference for outcome-driven partnerships with their partner agencies and consultancies.

“Clients want agencies that can be true partners, focusing on the outcomes that matter most to a client’s business, rather than merely billing hours.” Collette Easton, CEO of Yard,

Don’t let the limitations of time-billing hold your agency back. Embrace an outcome-driven approach to transform your client partnerships, and achieve unparalleled success. All of which can be managed in ZOKRI.

Keep Your Talent With Increased Autonomy and Job Satisfaction

Working with goals and tasks allows employees to have a clear understanding of the objectives and the steps required to achieve them. This clarity provides increased autonomy, empowering team members to make informed decisions and take ownership of their work. Ultimately, this can lead to improved job satisfaction and employee retention.

Initiatives Like 4-Day Weeks Are A No-Brainer When You Work To Outcomes

It’s much easier to allow more time flexibility and offer perks like a 4-day week when you know client goals are being met, the work committed to is getting done, clients are happy and investing more.

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