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ZOKRI is the OKR Software of choice for management wanting to unlock human potential in the workplace. 

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ZOKRI- Day to Day
Day to Day

Connected Performance, Culture & Wellbeing For Everyone, Everywhere

When you’re distributed it’s easy to become disconnected from OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), project progress, and what’s going on. It’s even easier to not pick up on welfare issues. It doesn’t need to be that way. 

ZOKRI makes it easy for team members to own goals, align and share their day-to-day activities that contribute to progress, and what’s holding them back, in addition to well as what’s going well. 

It’s as easy for colleagues to get up to speed on what other team members are doing, ready to participate in team meetings.

ZOKRI is also continually monitoring wellbeing, helping you spot when people might be struggling and need help.

Embed Goals That Measure What Matters

Everyone needs and wants to understand ‘what success looks like’ for the organization that employs them, the team they work in, the teams they collaborate with or need to align with, and of course, individually, in order to develop and progress.

This is why ZOKRI has enterprise level goal setting at its heart that can be used for OKRs or SMART goals.

If you’re new to OKRs we can also train and coach your team to master OKRs. Our in-house team or network of OKR experts can will create a plan to train Senior Management, OKRs Leads, Team Leaders and anyone else you need to up-skill.


Set Company, Team & Individual Goals That Align Perfectly

ZOKRI has leading OKR Software at its core, all packaged in a really simple to use interface. 

Whether you’re creating simple OKRs (Objectives and Key results) or want ZOKRI to update progress through integrations with your business tools, we’ve got it covered.

If you’re new to OKRs, let us coach you on-site or remotely. Coaching executives, training OKR leads and team leaders to embedded OKRs correctly the first time.

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ZOKRI- Progress

Automate Progress

Keeping OKR and Initiative progress current and accurate is made easy with integrations to tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Jira and more, as well as custom integrations. Your team can then focus on the projects and tasks delivering the goals.

Ambition Built In

It has been proven that if you want to feel the full benefit of goal setting, OKRs need to measure what matters, and the target values need to be hard. So we’ve made ‘hard’, ‘moon shot’ and ‘business as usual’ a label that provides context for all targets, so you know exactly what level of ambition is being applied to each target.

Info and Feedback
Focused, Free Flowing
Information & Feedback

Your goals are your destination. How you’re getting there is the topic of conversation everyday in your teams.

ZOKRI connects your OKRs and your execution seamlessly. Ensuring goals are not set and forgotten, and execution is aligned and frictionless.

Get timely updates on goal and initiative Status, Progress and Confidence Levels. Learn what’s holding teams back and monitor how fast issues are resolved.

ZOKRI- Info and Feedback
ZOKRI- Check-in

Real-time And Scheduled Updates On
Status, Progress, Confidence
And Issues

It’s never been so easy to surface what’s holding achievement back, whilst praising what’s driving you forward.

Owners of Objectives, Key Results and Initiatives, at the right cadence, share what’s holding them back – so progress can be unblocked, and what’s going well – so praise can be given.

Updates can then be shared with management and team members in a regular and timely way, and acted upon. Reducing frustration and improving performance.

Perfect for helping both on-premise and remote teams work more effectively.


Seeing Activity Plotted Next To Goals
Is Game Changing

A majority of team discussions focus on what being done to reach a goal and what’s slowing people down, not the goal.

This is why ZOKRI is the leading software for aligning goals with execution, and checking-in and removing what’s holding people back.

Seeing Tasks from tools like Trello, Jira and Asana, count-down and get completed on a timeline, right next to the OKRs they are helping achieve is game changing.


ZOKRI- Timeline
Points of Truth

Structure & Insights For Team Check-ins, Stand-ups, 1-on-1, & Retrospectives

Have Goal and Initiatives Status, Progress, and Confidence available together with the latest comment threads available for meetings anytime you need them.

Whether you’re running a team check-in, a stand-up, a 1-on-1, or end of quarter or project retrospective, the information you need is right there, with an easy to follow workflow that makes reviewing the information and insights a breeze.

ZOKRI- Welfare Monitored
Connected Individual

Wellbeing Monitoring

Wellbeing is closely linked with workplace productivity and individual welfare.

When asking people about feelings like happiness, stress, anxiety, and productivity for example, the best time to ask is when they’re checking-in progress, confidence, blockers and what’s gone well.

This is because these feelings are current, front-of-mind and in context.

What’s more, when tracked on a continuous basis you get to see trends, because everyone has a bad day or even week. But you never want to bad weeks to be the norm.


Cultural Values & Behaviours With Continuous & Consistent Alignment


Culture and Performance impact each other hugely. Share your Values and the Behaviours you require in ZOKRI so every employee knows who you are and who you need them to be.

Recognize and reward people for living your culture and have the insights form part of your PDP process.

ZOKRI- Alignment
ZOKRI- Brain Drain
Brain Drain

Connected Learning & Reduced Brain Drain

Being told to blindly do a task or even project without knowing how it contributes to the team or organization prevents connected learning opportunities from happening.

If you’re not documenting the learnings from what is being done, wider knowledge capture and learning opportunities are also being missed. And we know learning correlates with engagement and job satisfaction.

The solution is to have goals, connect what we’re doing to our goals, and have a retrospective process where we consider and document the success, what we have learnt, and what may do differently next time.

Connected Individual
Zoom From Big Picture Though To
Each Connected Individual
There are high level views that show you exactly what’s going on, where and when, that let you drill down to teams and any individual that’s in an organization. Delivering transparency and the feeling of being in control have never been this easy.
ZOKRI- Connected Individual
ZOKRI- Manager Priorites
Manager Priorites
Manager Priorities Made Clear

ZOKRI gives your managers the personalized insights they need to improve their teams performance. All backed up with data on how and what teams are doing, and how the team and specific individuals are feeling.

Personal Development Plans Can Be
Really Personal

Connecting Company, Team and Individual Goals, and Wellbeing to PDP and rewards can be hard. But we’ve solved it.

End of Quarter Personal Development Plans have the narrative of performance, culture & wellbeing at your fingertips so PDPs are accurate, relevant and hugely positive experiences.

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ZOKRI- Flexible

Flexible Enough For All Teams To Think It’s
Fabulous & Made For Them

Different teams work in different ways, in different cadences, and with different operational tools. ZOKRI has the flexibility to work the way they work now, yet with the common framework and structure to tie everyone together.
Project Teams

Functional & Project Teams

Of course you can create functional teams like Marketing and Engineering. But you might also want to create Project Teams or Squads that are cross functional and focus on the delivery of specific projects.
ZOKRI- Project Teams
ZOKRI- Private
Open and Transparent Or
Top Secret & Private

Transparency is generally a positive set forward, but some OKRs and initiatives need to have a more limited audience.

Whether you’re in a team that’s working on a discreet project, or you and your manager are setting discreet and personal goals, ZOKRI will work for you.

OKR Software That Is Chosen And Used

Choosing OKR Software is not always an obvious choice. There are a number of platforms to choose from and you should try a few. ZOKRI has a track-record of helping organisations of all sizes succeed with OKRs. This has a lot to do with the OKR software itself, which was designed to be really easy to use and guide best practice. The other reason is education. We have not just invested in creating great software, we’ve got the internal resources and the partner network to train, coach and develop your in-house OKR expertise. Expertise that once acquired will serve you well forever.

There are other advantages ZOKRI has as well. We are the only platform to combine the pillars of OKRs, Culture and Wellbeing together. We did this because when they were not also developed managed and aligned, OKRs struggled to get embedded. The other is how we align OKRs with Initiatives – the projects and tasks that drive OKR performance. ZOKRI is a class-leader here, and this matters because it’s the ‘doing’ that drives OKR achievement, not the OKR itself.

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