A Transformational Project With Clear Goals

Improving performance, culture and wellbeing is a project that will continuously evolve. Like all projects you have goals, and these goals need to be measured.

You will also want a project plan – that’s below. OKR experts – just ask. The best OKR software – you’ve found it.

In fact, whatever you need, we will be there for you.

ZOKRI- Project Deliverables

OKR Experts + Platform – Planned, Measured & Delivered

Like all projects you have goals and steps to achieving your goals, some of which have dependencies. 

You are invited to use ZOKRI, our team and our global partner network to help you every step of the way. We have OKR experts and coaches, HR Consultants that can help with Culture & Wellbeing, and Management Consultants if you need broader support.


Managed Improvements Quarter-on-Quarter

ZOKRI- Project Deliverables
SQuickly Impacting

As Measured By KPI Improvements

  • Absenteeism
  • Internal Promotion %
  • Happiness
  • Cost Per Hire
  • Goal Achievement
  • Employee Churn
  • Company NPS
  • Length of Employment
  • Job Acceptance Rate
  • Revenue & Market Share
  • And all of your other company and teams KPIs

Whether you have just discovered Objectives and Key Results as a way of taking your organisation and team priorities and translating them into great goals and perfect execution alignment, or you’re already using OKRs successfully. Together will drive the improvements in alignment, performance, engagement and ultimately employee wellbeing you need.

If you need the world’s best OKR experts to help coach you, we can help. If you need the best OKR platform for succeeding with OKRs and overcoming common first time implementation issues, you’ve found it. 

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged
And Better Performing Teams?