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Show How Everyone Is Aligned Around Mission, Strategy & Goals


ZOKRI was designed as a central place for Chief-of-Staff to manage and align functional and cross-functional teams around a common mission and strategy, using a combination of outcome based goals and KPIs.

  • Provide focus and visibility of targets to everyone.
  • Use easy to deploy systems that ensure those targets get hit.
  • Ensure information is always up to date across teams.
  • Access experts that ensures you succeed.
Solutions - Chief Of Staff

Implement Robust Processes & Systems That
Improve Performance & Productivity


Strategic planning, Objectives and Key Results, agile execution, KPI management, check-ins, team meetings and retrospectives are just some of the processes and systems that ZOKRI makes it easy to embed that impact performance and productivity.

Help Information Flow & Achieve Targets


With ZOKRI you can ensure everyone is focused on what matters most, information flows, and decision making processes are as effective and efficient as possible.

Drive Strategic Projects & Cross-functional Initiatives


With ZOKRI it’s easy to create outcome based goals for teams or build cross-functional teams around goals. Keep teams to a set progress update and conversation cadence that gets results. Even when teams are not in the same office or even the same time-zone.

Provide Clear Updates On Progress, Blockers and Risks


Have an always on, current and accurate single point of truth on goal and strategic initiative progress. Systemise the awareness of blockers, drops in confidence levels and goals that are at risk, and in doing so speed up resolution times and speed up goal achievement.

Maximising Efficiency & Drive Growth


Ultimately everything we want to help you with is about growth, both business and people. Let us support you on your mission to bring effective change, efficiency and growth to your company.

Services & Software That Ensures You Succeed


ZOKRI is more than an amazing software-as-service application, we offer a range of professional services that you can call on to support you on your initiative to introduce great goal setting, improve employee engagement and performance, and grow your business.

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