37 SaaS Sales Tips & Tricks

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During the SaaStr Annual 2019 there were boards where attendees were able to share their Sales Tips and tricks on a board. Watching the board evolve over the week was fun and sometimes inspiring. Here are the best tips and tricks from the board for you to enjoy.

Don’t be afraid to say they aren’t the right fit and send them to a competitor. They will end up referring others to you! Seriously.

People buy from people. Focus on the relationships.

SPIN Questions: Situation, Problem, Implication, Need.

Nail your compensation plan.

Be vulnerable with your customers.

Sales is value creation. Revenue is the outcome.

Great discovery + great notes = win

In pricing conversations always provide clear choice and options.

Let the prospect guide the pricing conversation, you’ll win trust, and gain insight into how they perceive your value.

Silence can be powerful.

The secret to handling an objection is to be empathetic first.

Be responsive. You being the first to respond can be the deciding factor for the customer.

Don’t start with the tech solution, start with your customers problem.

If you don’t make a sale by Friday, on Monday you have to go again.

Remember ABC: Always Be Closing

When you’re in a sales slump set small achievable goals to create momentum and build confidence.

The key is Sales Activity. Build your pipeline because deals will take longer to close than expected.

Be humble yet confident where appropriate to solve pain. Listen with curiosity.

Be a consultant, focussing on a customers success.

Create a sales process you can analyze. Analyze everything.

Sales and Marketing must work closely together for success. Learn more about cross-functional goal setting with great OKR examples on our Ultimate Guide To OKRs.

Don’t be afraid to tell the client what they need, and not what they want to hear.

Understanding, empathy, flexibility – and never give up.

Don’t make it Sales vs ‘Everyone Else’ mentality. Work everyday to bridge with other teams.

Catch and release if you don’t know the answer to a question.

Know your customer before meeting them.

Stick to the process.

Cultivate your own persona.

Thank Marketing and invite them to meet you customers.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale – politely and with respect.

Don’t badmouth the competition. It reflects badly on you not them.

Define Your Ideal Customer profile (ICP) – Stay focused on it.

Control the meeting through questions.

Which Sales Tips and Tricks resonate the most with you? Which would you add to this list?