Matt Humphreys

THRIVE – Episode #2 – Steve Grout & Nikhil K Maini [PODCAST]

It’s remarkable to see how companies have adapted to change since Covid-19 plunged the normal ways of working into something quite different. After almost a year of lockdowns, ZOOM calls and adjusted ways of working – companies that have adapted are coping well and are sure to succeed, while the ones who are attempting to […]

THRIVE – Episode #1 – Peter Kerr [PODCAST]

Welcome to THRIVE – a new podcast that explores the Science behind workplace performance alongside special guests who continuously use their experience and expertise to help companies thrive. Covid-19 continues to hit companies hard – so it’s more important than ever for teams and companies to align their goals, define their culture and structure well […]

Investor Term Sheets – Your Golden Tickets

Whether you’re a start-up founder, a seasoned entrepreneur or an Investor – you’re likely to have encountered term sheets in your career. But what exactly is a term sheet and what needs to be considered when you strive to achieve them? This post will answer many questions around term sheets and you’ll learn what exactly […]

The 5 best ways to get company-wide buy-in and adoption of software

Whether you’re solving this because you’re selling the software and you want to get used by a customer, or you’re wanting to get your own company to adopt and use a new software solution, you’ll know it’s not easy and the stakes are high. You’re either looking at Churn or wasted licenses, time and opportunity. […]

Remote Working: Accelerate Or Slow SaaS Growth?

Can you scale your business using Remote Working, and not carry the overhead of expensive office space? Can you still manage and develop a happy and engaged workforce? What impact will not having in-person communications and relationships have? This debate is going on in every early stage, fast growth SaaS company. This post will help you shape the debate and come up with the right answer for you.