The ROI Of OKRs, ZOKRICoaching

There’s probably lots going on, so why OKRs, why ZOKRI, and why now? What are the upsides in $’s, £’s or €’s and the possible downside? 

If you commit to change, how do you eliminate the risks and speed up the payback?

We get asked this questions a lot so we wanted to give you a place to learn more, model the ROI, and plan for success.

Let’s get started!

ZOKRI - Business case for Business Management Systemization and Coaching
Time and Culture

Calculate The ROI Of OKRs, ZOKRI & Coaching

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Time and Culture

Unlock Step Changes In Performance With What We Know

Freeing Up Time & Developing Culture Impacts Performance

We know that the most valuable commodity you have is people and the time they can invest in helping you achieve your business goals. How you use and invest this time dictates how your business and every team and individual performs.

Goal, Role, & Execution Plan Structure & Clarity Is A Must Have 

We know that high performing teams have goal, role, and execution plan structure and clarity. They don’t waste time doing things that have low levels of impact, and don’t get slowed down by sub-optimal team working practices.

OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) Is What Great Looks Like

We know that hyper-growth companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify and thousands of others use a framework called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to solve the challenge of goal, role and executional plan structure and clarity.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Planning & Execution Cycles Work

To Embed OKRs You Follow A Tried & Tested Plan

We know that the OKR framework works brilliantly but does need to be taught and rolled-out in the right way to get the benefit – not doing this often results in a reboot in 6 months or a return to your current way of setting goals.

OKRs Need The Right Culture To Thrive

We know that team culture and behaviours impact OKR achievement and that a 36% spread in OKR achievement within the same organization and function can be attributed to how teams think and act with each other – culture.

ZOKRI -  OKRs Need The Right Environment To Thrive

You Would Be Set-Up For Remote Working Excellence 

We know that to work remotely you need to establish trust, empower workers to make decisions regarding when, where and how they complete their work, set up systems for sharing obstacles hindering their work and wasting time, and create a transparent system of performance measurement that quantifies outcomes, not just activities.

Asynchronous Updates & Better Meetings Are A Gift

We know that meetings are really expensive and teams spend too much time in average and often unnecessary meetings – people could be better prepared, agendas optimised, interactions with each other made more effective, actions tracked more successfully, and generally, a much better return on time invested in meetings can be achieved. In short, fewer and much better meetings can create a step change in performance, and give you back huge amounts of productive time.

Will You Commit To Change?

ZOKRI -  Will You Commit To Change

Create A Successful Project By Design

ZOKRI -  A Successful Project By Design

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The Right Governance Makes You 6 Times More Likely To Succeed

Executive Sponsor(s) (ES)
ES’s commit to the program because it’s a better way of working and delivering the strategy and revenue targets is mission critical

ES’s have the authority to make critical ongoing decisions, such as approving changes in execution plans, reallocating resources, resolving issues, and reshaping initiatives; and holds people accountable for results
OKR Lead
The internal OKR expert and trainer, trained by your coach

Coordinates the overall program, tracking its progress, resolving issues, and facilitating transparent, effective interactions between teams

Support existing employees and train new starters the right way and a consistent way

QA’s inputs and coaches out mistakes

Monitors for and ensure engagement in new processes whilst it becomes second nature and cultural

Can escalate issues to the Executive Sponsor
Objectivity is hard

You only know what you know

Deep area expertise is always valuable

Fresh eyes can be illuminating and people often open up to neutrals

Transformation is valuable and imagine not doing everything you can to succeed

Re-boots are common, unnecessary and create cynics

The faster you get there the sooner you benefit
ZOKRI - You Will Be Platformed For
Quarter-on-Quarter Success

With ZOKRI You Will Be Platformed For
Quarter-on-Quarter Success

Business needs a systematic approach to coordinating people and work around priorities, across all levels of an organisation – a Business Management Platform.

ZOKRI systemises planning, goal setting and executional alignment, taking them out of docs and sheets and connecting fragmented tools.

It needs to be easy for teams to align and share goals and execution plans, orchestrate work, share progress, and flag what is holding people back – it’s nearly always not – ZOKRI is easy to use.
ZOKRI provides the key workflows teams need to share progress within their team, other teams and the executive, these workflows improve meeting and asynchronous collaboration, reduce meeting time and improving meeting effectiveness.

ZOKRI should not be confused with a project system that runs agile and waterfall projects like Jira, ZOKRI connects to these systems, and is broader, more strategic, and provides critical direction and accountability for projects, epics, and tasks.
ZOKRI - You Will Be Platformed For
Quarter-on-Quarter Success

You Will Get Value From Day One

Over 55% of companies get ZOKRI up and running in half-a-day.

Over 80% of customers attribute sudden performance improvements to improvements goal, role, & execution plan structure & clarity.

Leaders universally strongly agree that having a ‘single-point-of-truth’ on goal and execution status, progress and confidence, plus what is holding teams back, allows them to support their teams more effectively.

Having current and accurate goal and executional data greatly reduces unnecessary team meetings and saves valuable time.

82% of users found that inter-team goal transparency helps them to have more effective cross-functional conversations.

77% of users found having visibility of how ‘what they are doing’ helps their team and company succeed ‘really helpful’.

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Whatever Training & Support You Need, You Will Get It

Platform Training
On-demand Knowledge Base articles, videos and scheduled video call group and 1-to-1 ZOKRI training is included in all paid plans.
Executive Quickstarts
Coach Senior Leadership in OKRs and move from Strategy to first OKRs at a pace. Learn what’s needed to succeed and the pitfalls to avoid.
OKR Lead Training
Choose your OKR Leads and get them certified so they can train internal teams, and ensure engagement and quality from the first quarter onwards.
First Cut Audits
Once your first cut of strategically aligned top-down, bottom-up OKRs are in ZOKRI, get expert pointers that ensure everyone is set-up to succeed.
Team Meeting Coaching
Effective team meets are at the heart of High Performing team culture. Learn how to run more effective team meetings with OKRs as a core part of the agenda.
End- of-Quarter Retros
Have coaches facilitate end-of-quarter retrospectives to tease out any issues and provide best practice advice on resolutions, nipping issues in the bud fast.

Together We Will Minimize The Gap
Between Strategy & Results

ZOKRI -  We Help You Minimize The Gap
Between Strategy & Results

ZOKRI + Coaching Works & Delivers Value Faster

"NO book could replicate our path to success...the system brought us clarity,
the coaching brought us consistency."

ZOKRI is intuitive, userfriendly, and flexible. Combined with the ZOKRI recommended OKR coach, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other's support network. The system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency. Now we are set to capture the market. NO book could replicate our path to success. The software, insights and oncall support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks. Impressive. Thank you.

Mel Tsiaprazis

"Our teams love the openness and transparency ZOKRI has allowed us to provide. Our goal setting has evolved from sheets to a platform. We also love the fact that ZOKRI is way more than goal setting. Supporting the growth of our company culture that's known for having smart, happy, and engaged people."

Mervyn Hall
General Manager

"We love the simplicity of ZOKRI. OKR alignment for our teams is easy. The ability to use and update KPIs makes it quick to add great Key Results. We also love aligning our initiatives with our OKRs.

It's having a big impact on our business."

James Neville

"There are plenty of OKR software systems on the market now, but what's impressed me about ZOKRI's OKR software is that they have been able to build in intelligence that helps craft great objectives and focussed key results.

I also love its team focus which, by design, encourages regular check-ins ins with minimal effort."

Roger Longden

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Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?
Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?