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V2MOM is a strategic planning and goal-setting framework that was developed by Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, the co-founder and co-CEO. It was created to be a management process tool that would help Salesforce scale and lead their market.

Under the leadership of Marc Benioff, Salesforce has grown to comprise many organizations. Strategic decisions are totally governed by its V2MOMs. In addition, Salesforce continues to utilize the same management process as an individual and as a team since it was created. Full organizational alignment has happened as a result.


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What is the excitement around V2MOM?

In short, business leaders can see that it works if you commit, develop the competency and manage them well.

When rolled-out well V2MOM has the potential to guide critical thinking, increase goal engagement, increase company alignment and accountability.

However, it’s the debates that go on around your V2MOMs is where much of the magic happens. Great V2MOMs will ensure that you generate excitement and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Like with other cascading goal frameworks like OKR, supporting processes like check-ins and structured team meetings are needed to keep the V2MOM current, accurate, and actionable, so progress happens.

The basics of V2MOM

The basics of V2MOM The V2MOM acronym stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. V2MOM is a powerful tool for individuals, teams, and organizations to shape strategy and set goals.

The same components can be used by the leadership team, departments, sub-teams, project teams, and individuals. In fact, the fact that a V2MOM always has the same components and questions is one of its key advantages.

As you work from organization level V2MOMs through departments and teams to individuals the context changes, and the V2MOM components become narrower in focus. For example, the C-suite’s answer to the Vision question won’t be the same as the regional sales team’s.

When implemented successfully the V2MOM program promises to align daily actions with long-term aspirations while increasing business transparency and company alignment.

Using the V2MOM goal-setting model

Typically, the organization starts implementing the V2MOM system at each level of the organization.

V2MOM (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures) provides the flexibility to initiate company alignment via cascading processes on all levels, or with anyone in your organization.

Leaders prefer this framework for its scalability, in addition to its simplicity and ease of explanation. Through this framework, you’ll be able to force your teams to link their plans, projects, and daily activities to the business’s priorities while increasing internal transparency.

What is the best way to implement V2MOM?

V2MOM With any strategic framework, there is no right or wrong way to implement it.

To help you create a V2MOM you need to decide which parts of your organization has V2MOM’s. The Company will need one, as will departments. Do you also want to cascade to teams and project teams, and then individuals?

V2MOMs are not meant to be created by managers alone. Whether it’s the the leadership team V2MOM, the departments or a sub-team. Down to the Vision, they are all meant to be inclusive and collaborative.

The companies that use ZOKRI for V2MOM management and reporting tend to cascade down to the individual more often than not. With ZOKRI, like in Salesforce, everyone in the company can see everyone’s V2MOMs easily.

Needless to say, once you’ve decided, complete each element in the V2MOM framework and then commit to keeping it current at an agreed cadence.

A cascading V2MOM example to help you


A fast growth technology company with 500 employees wants to continue their 100% annual growth rate. Cascading examples of their 2023 V2MOMs might look like this.

Company V2MOM example


Our vision is to become a leading provider of cloud hosting security infrastructure for the tens of thousands of global technology companies that service the global enterprise market. Minimizing all of the threats that could keep CEO and CTOs up at night.


v2mom-Company-Values Trust
Trusted by our customers to be one step ahead of security threats.

Ridiculously easy to deploy our technology.

We look and act on opportunities to find smarter, more efficient ways of working.

Help our people grow, learn and develop as fast as our revenue.


These are our methods. For each method we have listed obstacles and have defined measures of success.

  1. People – Continue to prioritize hiring and retaining talent.
  2. Innovation – Learn what the threats are and create effective and innovative solutions.
  3. User Experience – Make the deployment and use of our solutions much easier than competitors and minimize the time-to-value.
  4. Awareness – Build a brand that is synonymous with cloud security.
  5. Internationalize – Expand our global reach further by putting local teams in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.







User Experience









Team V2MOM example

Product Team V2MOM Aligned With Company V2MOM


From the moment you get a login we delight our customers with how we make the complicated simple, how we help them succeed at their jobs, and our proactivity – one step ahead.


Prioritize what matters
We are adept at understanding risk and value and putting the right engineering tasks at the top of the list.

Constantly learning
We need to constantly learn about our customers roles, pain points and how we can support them.

Human contact
We should not hide behind email and text chat, talking human to human offers a rich layer of insight.

Data driven decisions
We gather insights and validate decisions with data.

UI and UX matters
As much as we’re a security product the User Interface and the User Experience of our product also needs to be world-class.


These are our methods. For each method we have listed obstacles and have defined measures of success.

  1. Know The Enemy – Have people that live in the shadows watching and advising on new potential.
  2. Wise Product Counsel – Have our best customers take part in a monthly Product Counsel to help us direct resources.
  3. Product Analytics – Make sure we ask our our product analytics the right questions and it is setup to be insightful.
  4. Agility – Live and breath agile to help us deliver more value faster.

Know The Enemy



Wise Product Counsel



Product Analytics






Tracking V2MOMs

Like any goal, if you set a goal and it is forgotten the goal becomes less valuable and the less likely you are to achieve it. To stop this from happening you need to build V2MOM into standard business management processes.

ZOKRI is a great way to help teams create and track V2MOMs. The software that takes care of the whole process for you, making the creation, updates and ongoing reporting efficient.

Who should use V2MOM?

who should use V2MOM No matter how big or small your organization is, getting everyone on the same page is a challenge.

Your company is an incredibly long rowing boat, each employee is holding an oar, and 5000m down the water is a finishing line and a gold medal.

What happens next depends on the level of alignment, synchronicity, and your ability to find a rowing cadence that works. You might skim quickly across the water with a minimal level of splash. It could equally be comedic and you watch the boat sinking within a few attempts to get moving.

So the need for V2MOMs is as universal as the need for alignment, focus, accountability and clearly defined finishing line. For that reason V2MOMs are a fit for a wide range of organization sizes.

Small sized SMB that need direction are a great fit as they often don’t have a formal planning document and V2MOM can be a lightweight solution for this.

A tech start-up or scale-up wanting a way to guide, align and inspire a growing organization are another great fit. They want to punch above their weight, fully utilize every resource at their disposal.

Companies like Salesforce are obviously an enterprise organization that has made V2MOM work. Large enterprise companies not using V2MOM or other goal setting frameworks will need to support plan the roll-out carefully, but the value is there to be unlocked.


V2MOMs (Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures) have obviously worked for Salesforce. The elements within the V2MOM in themselves are not revolutionary or unique to V2MOM. They are standard business and team management elements. V2MOM does bring the elements together which in-turn facilitate conversations, creates alignment, accountability and forward motion.

Having the associated tools and processes that make the creation, updates and reporting easy is going to reduce the risk of V2MOM being a failed Initiative.

What is the value of the initiative?