Courses, Consulting & Ongoing Support

OKR Courses, Training & Expert Consultancy

ZOKRI has the on-demand OKR courses and coaching team to ensure you learn to use OKRs to set goals that can and will be delivered, and more importantly, will make a big difference to performance and your culture.

Online OKR Course

An easy to follow course that uses video, a course course handbook, unique templates and a one-on-one Q and A to help managers learn how to use OKRs correctly, quickly, at their own time.


In-Person OKR Training

Let out experts work out how best to help you and build a plan that gets you to where you need to go. Modules can include finding your winning strategy, OKRs, and culture shaping.


Fractional Chief-of-Staff

Let us give you a right-hand person that is responsible for the delivery of your strategy and OKRs. For what is typically 6 hours per week, we work with you and your teams to drive growth.



Affordable Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

Over the last 5 years we’ve created a series of coaching modules that help us train and support customers on their planning and growth journey’s. These include agreeing a winning aspiration, formulating a winning strategy everyone understands and believes in, setting OKRs to execute the strategy, using KPIs to keep score, articulating and breathing life into values and guiding principles. 

UK, European & US Based Experts


Tailored Strategies & Innovative Tools

Propel your company to new heights with tailored planning tools, fractional staff and high-impact execution strategies.

Learn more about our vision and values, along with our winning aspiration.