Replace Docs, Connect Tools & Achieve More

Many of your Sheets, Slides and Docs will be replaced with ZOKRI, and tools that contain team KPIs and run day-today projects and tasks will be connected. 

You’ll also start to track, measure new things. You will gather new insights on your performance, your workplace and your people. Many of these will be game changing.

Free to use with no limit on time or users

Replace Docs, Connect Tools and Achieve More

Go From Fragmented To Connected Performance Management

Sheets, presentations and docs all have their place, but they are not great at creating goals that are aligned. They don’t optimize executional alignment and efficiency. They are hard to make part of a regular check-in workflow, and most importantly, they don’t unlock the performance gains ZOKRI will.
Goals In Sheets Reduce Their Potential

Goals In Sheets Reduce Their Potential 

When companies move from Sheets to ZOKRI they usually realize how poorly aligned their Goals / OKRs were. 

The truth is, spreadsheets are not great at helping you create vertically and horizontally aligned OKRs. Sheet OKRs also frequently suffer from ‘set-and-forget’ syndrome.

With ZOKRI your OKRs will be front and center, with the flywheels of initiative execution racing around them. Goals and execution delivery will be part of your daily and weekly workflow, not that file that’s on a drive somewhere that employees look at once a month.

ZOKRI - Goals In Sheets Reduce Their Potential
ZOKRI - Enjoy Progress Automation
Enjoy Progress Automation

Enjoy Progress Automation

When your Key Results contain KPIs that are in your team’s point software, getting them from that software to ZOKRI is an easy way to keep progress automatically updated.

If Key Results or Initiatives are more operational and based on completing Project, Boards, Tasks etc. we’ve got progress automation covered there as well.

This saves your team’s time and keeps the focus on execution, collaboration and creativity. Not easy to do with Docs!
Check-ins, Stand-ups, 1-on-1’s, & Retros With Minimal Preparation

Check-ins, Stand-ups, 1-on-1’s, & Retros With Minimal Preparation

When you next have a board meeting, check-in meeting, stand-up, or 1-on-1, where the topic is your goals, what you’re doing now, what you’re doing next, what’s going well and what’s holding you back, you’ll only need ZOKRI open.

Meeting preparation time is minimal and should actually be zero, as what people own will be updated via their own check-in workflow, and reviewing what anyone and everyone owns at any level is a click away.
Move Your Why To Where Performance Happens

Move Your Why To Where Performance Happens

Whether you’re onboarding new employees or want to keep reminding existing employees of why they’re working for you and what you expect, it’s better done in the software where they will align their day-to-day activities and performance with their person development plans.

ZOKRI - Move Your Why To Where Performance Happens

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged
And Better Performing Teams?

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?