Best OKR Software 2022 Guide
& Top 5 OKR Software Comparison

A Simple Guide To Finding The Best OKR Software For Your Company

OKR software is also known as OKR management software. What the software is there to do is not as straightforward as you might think. This resource has been written to share what you need to look for in your OKR software comparison and explain why each requirement matters to buyers involved in a OKR software selection process.

The Role Of OKR Software

In the same way OKRs are more than a goal format i.e. a goal written using an Objective and 1 – 4 Key Results. OKR software needs to go way beyond hosting your OKRs in the cloud in a nice user interface.

To get to the heart of what makes the best OKR software stand-out from the crowd you need to look at the aims of an OKR implementation, OKR best-practices the software needs to support, and then the features that would ensure you use OKR sucessfully.

The key to OKR software selection is to realize that on a purely functional level OKRs are used to:

  • Deliver Strategy – OKR is a strategy delivery framework so having features to add your strategy is an essential feature.
  • Cascade Company Goals – Share company goals, usually strategically aligned, and create visually aligned relationships between both Objectives and Key Results.
  • Align Teams – Allow departments and teams to align their goals.
  • Operationalize Performance – Provide the structure and processes to help teams manage OKR cycles – through stages like OKR drafting and approval, check-ins, team and 1-on-1 meetings, monthly reporting and end of quarter retrospectives.
  • Get Data Flowing Freely – Share updates with teams to ensure issues are resolved as well as praise given
  • Spotlight Areas Of Risk – Provide current and accurate manager insight, pinpoint areas of risk for focus
deliver strategy

But it’s not all about function and process. Great organizations are people driven and on a human level, OKRs are there to provide:

  • Clarity – clarity in which goals matter most and what comes with this clarity is purpose and even excitement.
  • Transparency – provide a level of transparency on how the company and other teams are doing. Something that is always wanted by employees but rarely provided. This means OKR tools must make it easy to navigate to see other teams OKRs.
  • Impact – link the work being done to the impact it is trying to make.

To achieve this, OKR software needs to have features that:

  • Ensure the framework is used correctly – having boxes where you can type Objectives and Key Results is not even nearly enough and is the primary source of novice buyer confusion. The best OKR software needs depth and width of functionality.
  • Connect Tools & Become A Hub – OKR software needs to be able to be connected to other tools and data sources, be able to be customized to work the way teams want to work, and be easy to use with the training overhead to near zero.
  • Communicate Brilliantly – Nudges, alerts and notifications need to support teams and individuals to work more effectively as a team and to ensure that OKRs are achieved.
  • Manage Adherence To Process – OKR tools need to ensure that goals are not set and forgotten and key stages in the OKR cycle are completed. As soon as they are, the benefits that might have occurred are put at risk.

OKR Softwares Comparison - 5 Leading Vendors

The OKR Software category now has a number of vendors to choose from. Comparing OKR software platforms can be hard, especially if you’re new to OKR and don’t really know what you want and how to compare the different OKR solutions.

Ultimately there is no better way of seeing if an OKR software tool is the right one for you without knowing what you want and then experiencing the solution for yourself.

Compare & Contrast OKR Tools

ZOKRI welcomes the opportunity to be compared directly to any OKR tools in the market. We get chosen more often than not. So please take the opportunity to see ZOKRI in action yourself.

ZOKRI offers all feature trials for up to 30 days. Trials include expert on-boarding to help you choose the right modules for your evaluation.

Top 5 OKR Software Vendor Comparison – 2022

Strategy Delivery

OKR Management

KPI Management

Performance Culture Management

Recognition & Reward

Employee Development

Customization & Configuration

ZOKRI - OKR Software


ZOKRI is headquartered in the UK with coaching and customer success support in Europe and America. It’s the only non-VC backed and profitable OKR software company.

ZOKRI’s focus and success is based on non dumbing OKRs down, but understanding what helps companies use the OKR framework in a mature and successful way, and how to avoid common pitfalls with better features.

Modular, customizable and extendable

ZOKRI has a number of USP’s, but what those that are new to the solution are usually surprised and delighted with are the configuration and customization options that are given to account administrators. Depending on your initial requirements you might choose to set-up ZOKRI to be a lightweight OKR tool before extending to include more later, or open up more the full feature set to configure your perfect performance management system.

So if you want more than an OKR tool, ZOKRI can optionally be extended to support more of your HR systems and processes.

Customer choose to so this because HRIS systems often have basic goal setting features, but not the depth of features required by strategy, operational and team leads. Goals are then often then contained in more than one system which is not ideal. 

ZOKRI also has highly developed personal development and appraisal features. These include custom templates, 360 reviews, grading, and recognition. 

ZOKRI pricing is $12.50 per user per month with all features and integrations being accessible. Discounts on this prices are applied as user number grow.

#2 Perdoo

Perdoo is a German OKR company. Like ZOKRI they offer both software and coaching. And like ZOKRI they also have KPI features that are often missing with other OKR platforms.

Another plus for Perdoo is that they have a Strategic Pillar alignment feature that for corporate planning and the use of OKR as a strategy delivery framework is important.

ZOKRI offers more features for KPI management and is more configurable in how Strategy is defined. For example, you can use Balanced Scorecard / OKR hybrids as well as Pillars.

Perdoo pricing is comparable to most OKR software vendors with users based pricing at between $9.50 and $17.00 per user per month.

#3 Betterworks

Betterworks is a US company that has chosen not to develop extensive OKR management capabilities in favor of investing in employee engagement survey features. As such there are key capabilities missing like Strategy and KPI management and reporting.

The OKR module costs $10 per user per month when billed quarterly. Employee engagement features are addition costs / bundles.

#4 Lattice

Lattice is a US company that has a hybrid between an OKR tool and HR. The OKR features are where the focus of the comparison is and perhaps because of the generalization of the tool, these are not as evolved as others.

Examples of the limitations are the integrations and KPI management features are really limited. Only when you mature your OKR use will you realize how much these would be missed.

The OKR module costs $8 per user per month. There is a minimum annual agreement of $4,000. All contracts billed annually.

#5 GTMHub

GTMHub is a UK headquartered OKR vendor that offers a good range of OKR features and customization options.

GTMHub does not offer Mission, Vision, Strategy modules and therefore Strategic reporting is not possible. OKR reporting like with all platforms is certainly available, as is the ability to track KPIs.

Their pricing is between $19.00 and $29.00 per user per month, with the $19.00 plan offering limited features and customization options.5