The Consultancy

TNC are well-versed in financial and accounting which will help to show the customer the rate of return on Investment. TNC are also well advanced in technology as to do software implementation for different accounting related systems (Quickbook, T-Sheets,, Knowify, Acctivate and Hubspot, Basecamp).

TNC mainly work with Board of Directors, CEO, COO and CFO, Business Owners and operate with over 50 employees.

Wendy Nguyen
Founder and CEO

I’m the founder and CEO of TNC CPAs, an operational and financial management consulting firm that looks beyond the financial data to reveal hidden pitfalls and opportunities. I lead a team that examines your business’s vision, core values, value proposition, team, clients, financial and non-financial data, and leadership to connect the dots and create strategies proven to increase profitability. At the same time, I have worked with different CPA firms ranking from international, mid-size to 10 people firm. I have held controller/CFO position of companies from loss to profit to bonus to employees quarterly. Part of my work, I have audited over 20 different industries with over 300 companies and organization with revenue from start up to over $100 million.

My goal is simple, but it isn’t easy: To help small to mid-sized companies link data with strategies to thrive.

Success stories:

  1. I create a new process and embed technology that helps company to cut down a regular simple process usually take an hour to 5 minutes with detail tracking all of moving data.
  2. During lock down period from March to May, I led a team to apply over $6 million PPP loan for our clients and non clients and secured over 600 jobs. I wrote articles and provided practical tips and strategies for business owners to endure the business adverse pre and post lock down.
  3. I help company save over $100,000 on expenses and generate additional billing through data analysis and recommend the right partner for business to work with.
  4. My company overall staff members have helped multiple not for profit organization of saving on their accounting and finance cost over $50,000 annually and at the same continue to strengthen their impact reports.