Peter Kappus

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The Consultancy

Peter Kappus provides pragmatic, highly interactive training on setting, aligning, and checking-in on OKRs as well as facilitated sessions and individual one-to-one coaching to help organisations refine their OKR practice and nurture a group of OKR champions within the organisation.
Peter Kappus

Peter Kappus

Whether your organisation is brand new to OKRs or just wants to make them a smooth, and consistently valuable part of the delivery culture, Peter brings a clear, pragmatic, and actionable approach to OKR training & coaching.

He specialises in teaching teams to collaboratively draft and align OKRs, think beyond initiatives, and embrace a simple, powerful, and radically transparent check-in methodology which easily connects day-to-day activities to the broader organisational context.

In over 20 years of management consulting experience, Peter has provided OKR specific coaching since 2015 for small start-ups, midsized companies, and large multinational organisations including the BBC, the UK Government, Doctors Without Borders, and a 150+ year old global investment bank.