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What's the ROTI of the meetings that are happening in your teams?

Are meetings being planned for and are the agenda the right ones and effective ones? Are they happening at the right frequency? Are they taking valuable productivity time to prepare slides for?

The reality is for most the answers are not known and if you did know you instinctively know they might not make happy reading.

As far as goal achievement and project delivery are concerned, it’s clear that better meetings result in better and faster outcomes being achieved. Just ask any Agile Scrum Master or a company using systems like EOS® Entrepreneurial Operating System, that makes what they call the Level 10 meeting at the associated agenda items a cornerstone of goal achievement.

Why do high performing teams have great meetings?

If you’re a leader of a team or an organization you will want teams to be having meetings that keep OKRs on track whilst ensuring any business-as-usual work is not slipping between the cracks. Great meetings are certainly one of the hallmarks of high performing teams.

The benefits of better and more structured meetings


How to run a meeting in ZOKRI that helps to achieve OKRs

If OKR success is the goal, here’s how to run a great weekly meeting that will dramatically increase the chances of making progress on your OKRs much faster.

Your aim is to make these meetings habitual and part of the team’s core systems and processes – because they are on the same day and time and have the same agenda.

Because you’re forming a habit you will need to get over the hump at the beginning where old habits will need to be forgotten whilst new ones are learned.

What makes a great OKR meeting agenda?

This is an example of a 60 minute agenda that is easy to create and automate in ZOKRI, with all of the slides needed being automatically ready to present on screen.


Features you can use with ZOKRI meeting manager

What will your meeting Return On Time Invested be?

One of the many features ZOKRI has is the ability to survey meeting attendees for their opinion of the Return On Time Invested (ROTI) of the meeting they had just attended. The results can then be shared and discussed, with the aim being future meetings take attendees’ thoughts and opinions into account.

Meeting management feature highlights