Provide Direction & Create Purpose

Put Customers & Employees At The Center Of Plans


ZOKRI is chosen by leaders responsible for delivering strategy, setting outcome based goals and tracking KPIs. 

The software provides the systems, processes, ways of working and habits that ensure employees have goal and plan clarity, put customers at the center, work with purpose, and get results.

Solutions - Leadership Teams

Cascade Strategy To Value Delivery


Provide clarity on what matters and what doesn’t. Separate strategy from business operations and the day-to-day. Let information flow freely, break down silos, and improve collaboration. Make ambition safe and in doing so make innovation and high levels of learning normal.

Culture Needs Structure


Building a world-class culture is achieved by creating a set of shared values, beliefs, attitudes, feelings and a sense of purpose and belonging. 

When teams don’t need to think about how to plan, work, interact and relate to each other you’re succeeding. Part of the process of getting there is to create the processes that define how work gets agreed, tracked and done, as well as how learnings will get captured and used. 

ZOKRI is a place for proving purpose, clarity, systems, frameworks, processes, structures, policies, and procedures that make better ways of working part of your culture.

Direct & Measure What Matters To Guide Behavior


If everything matters, nothing matters. If everything is important, what is most important? Giving everyone clarity on what matters most, how success is going to be measured, how progress will be tracked, and how to move between planning cycles to optimize value creation is how you reduce workplace overload and stress. It’s also how you maximize engagement and contributions.

Services & Software That Ensures You Succeed


ZOKRI is more than an amazing software-as-service application, we offer a range of professional services that you can call on to support you on your initiative to introduce great goal setting, improve employee engagement and performance, and grow your business.

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