The Ultimate Guide To KPI Management

04. KPI Examples

Example KPIs for departments and teams

Here are links to lots of example KPIs for common departments and teams. Feel free to explore them and debate them in your teams. 

HR KPI Examples

How do you know if you’re doing a good job at looking after your people and developing them? This is where Key Performance Indicators or KPIs come in.

Finance KPI Examples

Easily indicate how your business is doing around revenue and profits by using this list of useful Finance Team KPIs that are designed for Start-ups and global Enterprise organizations alike.

Sales KPI Examples

Sales are one of the most Metric Driven teams in any organization of any size.

Learn the difference between a Metric and a KPI.

Marketing KPI Examples

Due to the width of the complexity of the discipline, there are hundreds of things Marketing teams can track and focus on, but which really ‘matters’?

SEO KPI Examples

The primary goal of SEO is to increase revenues from search engine results pages without paying for the click. Learn what to measure with our SEO KPI examples.

SaaS KPI Examples

Part of the skill of growing a SaaS company is knowing what to measure and focus your efforts on. Here are SaaS KPI examples that help you do exactly that.

Banking KPI Examples

See financial and capital KPIs that are used in the banking industry.