Having A System To Help Employees Learn, Grow & Advance,
Increases Engagement, Productivity & Retention

Lack of career development planning is a big reason why talent leaves. This is a lost opportunity because making sure there’s a plan and a management system to develop and keep employees is easy to set-up.

Employee Growth Planning Made Simple


With ZOKRI it’s easy to plan to improve the skills they need for their current roles, and as well as acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to develop to ensure they continue to progress.

Perfect Templates

Every possible requirement you might have has been thought of and made easy to configure.

Scheduled & Completed

Set your planning schedule and watch managers and their reports work together to plan how to improve.

Process Analytics

Enjoy real-time analytics on where there are process issues and where help is needed to get the process back on track.

See A Measurable Impact

NPS, Retention, Internal Promotions %, Wellbeing and more are all impacted and can be tracked in ZOKRI.

Unlimited Users & Extended Free Trials Of These Features

Appraisals That Everyone Enjoys


With ZOKRI it’s easy to run an efficient appraisal process. Data and written inputs are easy to collect within your templates, completing a fair and balanced view of performance.

Flexible Templates

It has never been easier to create an appraisal form that collects all of the inputs needed for a great appraisal.

OKR Referencing

Reference the OKRs you owned or helped on in a click, as well as easily viewing the detail behind those goals.

360 Feedback

Request feedback from colleagues via 360 templates and watch inputs get added to your appraisal.

Anytime Recognition

It’s easy for teams to give each other recognition at any time praise is due and see this recognition in your templates.

Documents & Evidence

Add documents and other useful evidence of performance to appraisals to make sure the picture is complete.

Easy Final Grading

Create your own grading system and enjoy analytics on who and where your top performers are.

Fast Growth Companies Across the Globe Use ZOKRI

ZOKRI helps organizations unlock the benefits of strategic and goal setting frameworks like OKR. Systematically ensuring strategic alignment, and keeping teams engaged and focused on achievement throughout the quarter. 


“I took the time to enter our executive OKRs into 3 platforms to test and demonstrate them to the broader team, after investigating 9. I found that ZOKRI was considerably easier than the others to enter the data into. 

Beyond the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, the actual structure of the OKR builder was the most comprehensiveIt easily accommodated % based Key Results and even allowed me to create thresholds.

Finally, having KPIs and OKRs separated but living in the same system is wonderful. The ability to have KPIs and OKRs in a team meeting or a dashboard whilst maintaining their separate functions, complex health metrics and working priorities is incredible.”


Rachael Stott
Director of Culture – GoCanvas