A simple and exciting mission

Our mission is to provide other mission and vision-led companies with the Business OS where they can scale growth and sustain it. Minimizing common business dysfunctions like lack of strategy, accountability and data. 

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What do we do?

ZOKRI helps companies to embed management best into an organizations culture by embedding them in a Business Operating System (BOS). We started by creating a leading OKR management solution, the key difference being is we know that OKRs thrived when they were part of a Business OS, as opposed to not sitting alongside a Visions, Values, Strategy, Scorecards, Issues, Priorities, Meeting Agendas and more. 

In 2022 we made our solution more flexible and configurable, working with customers using other frameworks to help them use their chosen framework. What you noticed was all best-practice frameworks require leaders, managers and their reports to have similar conversations, use similar concepts and follow a similar set of processes.

We are now the only Business OS that has combined the best-practices and learnings from many frameworks into one place. You can now strictly adhere to one framework or borrow from many to make your perfect Business OS.

Our story

After exiting their first SaaS Software company, ZOKRI’s founders reflected on the challenges of having offices in London, NYC and San Francisco and managing rapid growth.  What would better growth management look like?  How could software help companies align, grow faster and help employees thrive?

The answer was to take a Mission and strategy, and to give leaders the executional framework to execute using the best of the goal setting frameworks – OKR. It’s a framework we knew because we’d used it successfully and could see what it could offer. We also knew the potential pitfalls that needed to be engineered out.

ZOKRI is now more than the OKR software platform it started life as and the founders have personally invested over $3m building and is now trusted by over 3,000 companies across over 30 countries. It’s also the only profitable OKR software company in the world!

It’s not just disruptive, agile, fast growth tech companies using ZOKRI. We are proud to support bank, retailers, consultants and many more sectors to success. Scale all achieved without VC funding!

We are proud of our story and our amazing software and invite you to try it for free.