A Simple & Exciting Mission


Our mission is to provide other mission-led companies with the platform to create a culture where setting and delivering amazing goals, and executing with energy, urgency and intensity is the norm.



ZOKRI helps companies to set and execute better goals as a way of dramatically improving performance – we’re talking x10, not incremental gains, because OKRs encourage ambition and make it safe to sometimes fall short.

The goal framework we help companies to master is called OKR. OKRs are used by Google, Linkedin, Spotify and hundreds of thousands of other market leaders.

To accelerate your OKR journey ZOKRI provides the training, educational materials and software you need to have the skills and tools to set and achieve OKRs in every team, with every team being aligned, accountable and working in a pre-defined planning and executional rhythm or cadence. Every available hour being used in the most productive way possible.

Getting really good at using the OKR framework can take 3 or 4 quarters. We get companies to 8/10 good in less than 2 quarters.

If you’re already using OKR or have tried in the past, we can get you from a 5/10 good to 8/10 good in 3 – 4 weeks.

The results are transformational.




The most successful companies have systems and process in place to efficiently execute strategy via best-practice goal setting and aligned execution.

It’s not just our belief, hundreds of millions of leaders of amazing companies around the world believe OKRs are the best way to take your strategy and execute it.

OKRs are great because they force everyone boil down everything you could do to just the things that will move the needle the most, then continuously track progress, alert colleagues to risk earlier rather than when it’s too late.

By design, OKRs give you the real-time scorecard on how teams are doing, and which parts of the company need help.

But there’s more. OKRs embed the habits and rituals of high performing teams deep inside your company – performance becomes cultural.

Once you’ve acquired high level goal setting and execution skills, you have a competitive advantage as resources are deployed more efficiently.

OKRs managed in spreadsheets or task based tools more often than not do not unlock the full value of OKR and in many instances, OKR not managed well can do more harm than good.

Giving companies the right foundations and tools to manage OKR in and across teams, from quarter-to-quarter, ensures OKRs are used well, and the KPIs that matter track in the right way as a result. 

OKRs are a commitment to a better way of planning, executing and reporting – more than an acronym.

ZOKRI works because it is way more than OKRs written and stored in the cloud. ZOKRI is a platform that helps teams acquire high-level goal setting skills and manages the planning, execution and reporting cycles in and across teams. Centralising progress reporting for all levels of the company to see and respond to.



After exiting their first SaaS Software company, ZOKRI’s founders reflected on the challenges of having offices in London, NYC and San Francisco and managing rapid growth.  What would better growth management look like?  How could software help companies align, grow faster and help employees thrive?

The answer was to take a Mission and strategy, and to give leaders the executional framework to execute using the best of the goal setting frameworks – OKR. It’s a framework we knew because we’d used it successfully and could see what it could offer. We also knew the potential pitfalls that needed to be engineered out.

ZOKRI is an OKR software platform that the founders have personally invested over $3m building and is now trusted by over 4,000 companies across over 30 countries. It’s also the only profitable OKR software company in the world!

It’s not just disruptive, agile, fast growth tech companies using ZOKRI. We are proud to support bank, retailers, consultants and many more sectors to OKR success. Scale all achieved without VC funding!

We are proud of our story and our amazing software and invite you to try it for free.