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ZOKRI is the OKR software platform where organisations can improve performance, culture and welfare on a continuous basis, quarter after quarter. Our Vision is that workplaces, whether remote or on-premise master great goal setting using OKRs, align execution, and keep their fingers on the pulse of performance, culture and welfare – removing issues fast! Which makes our purpose clear: Make the workplace a happier and much better place to be for all. Welcome to ZOKRI.

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engagement crisis

There’s An Engagement Crisis

A survey by Gallup of 180m employee found that only 13% of employees are ‘engaged’ at work, and 63% of employees are ‘not engaged’, and lack motivation!

Yet the biggest cost most organizations have is their workforce. It’s also the biggest opportunity.

84% of respondents to the Global Human Capital Trends survey say they need to rethink their workforce experience to improve productivity.

The reality is that increasing engagement, motivation, happiness and performance is not that hard, but you need to commit to doing it. 

There's An Engagement Crisis
Who & How We Hire Has Changed

Who & How We Hire Has Changed

Contract, freelance, and gig employment are now mainstream. Talent markets have tightened, leading organizations to look strategically at all types of work arrangements in their plans for growth. Best practices to access and deploy alternative workers are just now being invented. If the economy continues to grow, organizations must be more flexible in adapting to these new work arrangements, and plan to use them in a strategic way.

remote working

Remote Working Is The New Norm

We now have technology designed to improve employee interactions: Examples include workstream collaboration tools and videoconferencing capability. These technologies are increasing the fidelity of communication among people working in a corporate office and people working from alternative locations.

Remote Working Is The New Norm

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here

Organizations need to move beyond mission statements and philanthropy to learn to lead the social enterprise—and reinvent themselves around a human focus. Deloitte