Corporate OKR Examples

Corporate OKRs are top of the OKR hierarchy

They provide direction to other teams and are often Annual as opposed to being Quarterly or Monthly

OBJECTIVE - Make it obvious we're the clear market leader in [CATEGORY]

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our Revenue to $25m in 2020
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase our Average Monthly MRR Growth to 25% in 2020
KEY RESULT 3 – Improve our customer retention to 98%

OBJECTIVE - Our ambition is funded

KEY RESULT 1 – Have meetings with 50 investors this Quarter
KEY RESULT 2 – Get 5 Term Sheets this Quarter

Corporate OKRs are sometimes called Company OKRs as well, and describe what the company’s goals are, and how success is being measured. They are also the goals that all team goals should be aligning themselves to. All activity in the company should be pushing bottom-up towards the Company Goals.

The biggest difference between Team OKRs and Corporate OKRs is the length of time they run. A typical period is 12 months. But this is not a hard rule, and shorter-term Corporate OKRs can be set, and of course, goals can be reviewed and changed through-time if there’s an issue with either the goal or goal metrics.

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