Build An Engaged & Happy Workforce
Use ZOKRI To Unlock Everyone’s Potential

With ZOKRI it’s easy to ask for discover how people really feel, using data and everyone’s ideas and suggestions for what needs to improve to support them.

Empower Employees To Say What They See


Gather Insights From All Levels

Leaders can not be everywhere and often do not know best. Let employees share what they are seeing, and help leaders make the decisions on how best to grow the company.

Progress Areas Prioritized

Systematically ask great questions like: “where does progress need to be made most and why?” Resource and track progress on the goals agreed and resourced.

Track Your Way To A Healthy Pulse

It’s easy to see how teams and individuals are doing using check-ins, pulse surveys, and structured 1-on-1s.

Culture At A Glance

Track how your culture is fairing. Which teams are living it and which teams need to become more culturally aligned.

Help Managers To Manage

Help managers to develop the skills needed to use the frameworks and best-practice processes that help their reports engage, learn and develop.

Discover Your Unsung Heros

Not everyone is great at ensuring they are seen and heard. Help them by creating a system where all unsung heroes can be easily recognized and celebrated.

Unlimited Users & Extended Free Trials Of These Features

Fast Growth Companies Across the Globe Use ZOKRI

ZOKRI helps organizations unlock the benefits of strategic and goal setting frameworks like OKR. Systematically ensuring strategic alignment, and keeping teams engaged and focused on achievement throughout the quarter. 


“I took the time to enter our executive OKRs into 3 platforms to test and demonstrate them to the broader team, after investigating 9. I found that ZOKRI was considerably easier than the others to enter the data into. 

Beyond the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, the actual structure of the OKR builder was the most comprehensiveIt easily accommodated % based Key Results and even allowed me to create thresholds.

Finally, having KPIs and OKRs separated but living in the same system is wonderful. The ability to have KPIs and OKRs in a team meeting or a dashboard whilst maintaining their separate functions, complex health metrics and working priorities is incredible.”


Rachael Stott
Director of Culture – GoCanvas