Plan To Succeed With ZOKRI

Creating a people, metric and goal driven Performance Culture is hard. But after working with hundreds of companies, this is what we have learnt and what you need to know - with a little help from the Fugees.

Plan To Succeed With ZOKRI

Creating a people, metric and goal driven Performance Culture is hard. But after working with hundreds of companies, this is what we have learnt and what you need to know - with a little help from the Fugees.

It’s important to acknowledge that measurement can make some teams and individuals uncomfortable. It can make some question what they are doing and how they are doing it. So they need support to realize that measurement is a good thing. A really good thing.

This is how you go about becoming a more metric, goal and execution lead company without a revolution. In fact, you’re likely to be thanked and applauded.

Ready or not?

Like the great Philosophers, ‘The Fugees’ said:

Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide

Gonna find you and take it slowly

But before that can happen, what you need to know about ZOKRI it is a platform that drives business growth through measurement, accountability, transparency, alignment, and rational and effective execution. If you or your team are not comfortable or committed with this you should stop.

Ready or not?

The Moon, Mars and Stars of Performance

We know what you want. To grow faster and to solve the challenge of alignment, ambition, focus and accountability with OKRs. You want Performance Management to be cultural.

Here’s the thing. You’re describing the Stars and they’re hard to reach. The journey can take multiple quarters and in some instances, years. The Stars are worth the effort though.

The first staging post, the Stars is the Moon. It’s much faster and easier to get there. You can then slingshot around the Moon Mars, and then to the Stars.


Get to the Moon with KPIs

ZOKRI is a ‘metric first’ platform. As such we need users to want to track the metrics that correlate with business growth at all levels of the company.

This is central to ZOKRI because the right metrics are Growth Levers. When force is applied to them the company and teams moves forward. When force is not applied it doesn’t.

These metrics are usually called KPIs. Even the most junior people tend to know what these are.

Flying to the Moon starts here:

  • What metrics matter the most to your company?
  • What metrics matter most to Sales, Marketing, HR etc.?
  • Do these metrics correlate with business growth or are they Vanity Metrics that do not correlate with business growth?
  • Who owns these metrics?
  • How often are they updated e.g. weekly, monthly?
  • Where does this number live e.g. Google Analytics, Sheet, Salesforce, Stripe …?

The Moon can be reached if you believe that measuring these KPIs would guide the company – telling you where things are going right and could be better and need to be worked on, and then making these metrics transparent in ZOKRI.

Note that transparency is the first big performance hack that OKRs bring. Transparency can be also applied to KPIs with similar benefits.

Time to go to Mars with OKRs

Mars is where OKRs are. But OKRs have the complications and benefits of groups of Key Results, alignment and hierarchy.

All of these can be hard, even with a smart and committed management team. So take a simpler, more logical next step. Move from having KPIs to setting Target Values for KPIs in Key Results that would be hard to achieve (the ‘stretch’ component).

What this then gives you is:

  1. KPIs have been identified that correlate with business performance
  2. Transparency of metrics that matter
  3. Targets that have an owner, collaborators and are hard to achieve
  4. Alignment of measurement and goals

There are added complications to OKRs you can add later like introducing different types of Key Result like % Complete and % Complete with Milestones.

But before you do, enjoy the achievement of having the metrics that matter the most to performance, tracked in one platform so they can be made transparent and have goals set from them that are aligned and ambitious.


Next Stop, the Stars

Most full-time employees do circa 2,000 hours per year in return for their paycheck. Multiply that by the number of people in your company. It’s a big number!

These hours are your biggest asset. The hope and promise of measurement and goals is to increase the effectiveness of this time asset.

However, if KPIs  are siloed from goals and goals siloed from execution, there’s a chance that what is being worked on is not aligned to these. In fact, we’ve found that poorly aligned execution is commonplace.

In the same way that being transparent on KPIs and Goals helps teams perform better, so does being transparent on what is being done now and will be done next to achieve Goals. We call these Initiatives.

Let’s go.

If you need help with any of this there is a great team behind ZOKRI that would like to help you with training, set-up, integration and more. Asking for help is a smart thing to do if you’re struggling.

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