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High performing team cultures overachieve goals by 17% vs teams that don’t display these traits who miss their goals by 19%.

It costs over $30,000 to replace a lost employee and low retention can lead to your paying salary premiums.

ZOKRI will help you create a high performing team culture that is ready to run with your strategy, use OKRs correctly, execute faster and deliver results.

This is delivered much faster and with less risk with expert help, and a centralized SaaS platform.

ZOKRI has partnered the world’s best consultants so you have the right conversations, learn the right skills, embed the right mindsets, and coach the right people to success – finding and eliminating barriers to success along the way.

Start With Why?

Benefits Of ZOKRI

Target the leading and lagging indicators that improve and prove you have flow

Why Use ZOKRI?
Flow is the feeling of everyone knowing where they are going and moving in right direction. There is nothing holding you back, you’re moving quickly and it feels great to be part of.

If you’ve been part of teams with Flow you’ll know that everything is possible, you’re flying.
Who Is ZOKRI For?
Strategy Execution
Strategy Execution

Execute a strategy and increase the chances of what you need to happen, actually happening, because you’ve higher levels of engagement, alignment, focus, and agility, and your teams are winning key battlegrounds.

Control and Autonomy
Control & Autonomy

Provide top-down direction and the autonomy to align from the bottom-up, without losing the visibility and control you want – absolutely no need for micro-management.

people first cultures
People First Cultures

Believe in the power of Culture and People and embed the the systems, frameworks and tracking that supports a thriving people first workplace. Systems people actually find useful and like to use.

Purpose & Autonomy

For employees what want to know what their team needs to achieve and how they are helping the company to succeed, and then be encouraged to share their ideas and give their discretionary effort, because they want to.


When you’ve lived the culture, taken ownership, collaborated well, stretched yourself and given above and beyond, you want to be recognized by all – being invisible sucks.

Personal Development
Personal Development

Not learning and developing, being slowed down or held back is not what anyone wants. Make the sky’s the limit and create room to grow because the company is thriving and growing.

ZOKRI is intuitive, userfriendly, and flexible. Combined with the ZOKRI recommended OKR coach, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other's support network. The system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency. Now we are set to capture the market. NO book could replicate our path to success. The software, insights and oncall support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks. Impressive. Thank you.

Mel Tsiaprazis

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged
And Better Performing Teams?

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?