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ZOKRI Features


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OKR Success Is Priceless

Creating OKRs and embedding them as part of your company’s performance culture has a profound impact on your growth. It’s not a given that you’ll succeed with this and many fail. Which is why we created ZOKRI.  Succeed with OKRs and feel the benefit of this amazing goal setting framework.

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OKR System

It's hard to create bad OKRs in ZOKRI. Making it the best software for OKR success.

OKR Example

Predictable Quality Lead Generation

KEY RESULT 1 - Generate 2,000 Leads
KEY RESULT 2 - Generate 1,000 MQLs
KEY RESULT 3 - Generate 500 SQLs
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Growth Initiatives

Start using hundreds of built-in Initiatives proven to work.

Watch Growth

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Proven Growth Initiatives

"ZOKRI helped us transition from a company struggling with managing and tracking progress against OKRs in a spreadsheet, to a company that now has our OKRs embedded in our everyday and supporting our rapid growth.

Not only would I recommend the software, the support ZOKRI provides is excellent."

Adam Tsao

"We love the simplicity of ZOKRI. OKR alignment for our teams is easy. The ability to use and update KPIs makes it quick to add great Key Results. We also love aligning our initiatives with our OKRs.

It's having a big impact on our business."

James Neville

"There are plenty of OKR software systems on the market now, but what's impressed me about ZOKRI's OKR software is that they have been able to build in intelligence that helps craft great objectives and focussed key results.

I also love its team focus which, by design, encourages regular check-ins ins with minimal effort."

Roger Longden

Questions & Answers

Is ZOKRI really free OKR software?

We know companies experience massive performance improvements from having and managing their OKRs in ZOKRI. 

We also know that when you’re small and just getting started money is tight. So we created a free plan to get you started. By the time you outgrow it you’ll be able to afford the paid plan, and we would have helped get you there.

So yes, ZOKRI really is free OKR software.

What are Functional Teams?

Functional Teams include: Corporate, Executive, Marketing, Product Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Customer Success, Finance and Human Resources.

Custom Project Teams are named by you. For example – Website.

What exactly is a Check-In?

Scheduled Check-ins have in-built workflows designed to update Goal / OKR Confidence Levels, and Initiative Confidence Levels. Changes in Confidence are tracked inside the platform and help the company plan and avoid missing goals.

How are Metrics used in ZOKRI?

Metrics are used in Goals, are tracked through-time and like OKRs, have Initiatives associated with them. So you can see all Initiatives targeting MRR for example. Metrics also have owners and can be manually updated or come from an Integration and be automatically updated.

What are the Initiative Suggestions?

ZOKRI has hundreds of best practice initiatives designed to inspire teams and help them reach their goals. Teams can also add their own Initiatives or suggest Initiatives that may help other team members reach theirs.

How long can I see my data on a free account?

Free plans can always see metrics for 2 quarters. Growth plan see metric data for the life-time of the plan.

Can we integrate ZOKRI with exisiting software?

Google Analytics and Trello integrations are included in the Free plan. Premium and custom integrations are paid for individually annually or monthly.

Ready to succeed with OKRs?

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Use example OKRs, our library of OKRs, or add you own to see ZOKRI in action.

OKR Software That Will Grow With You

ZOKRI starts with FREE and a trial period that won’t expire. As you grow and add more people to the software, you’ll get more value, then paying for that value becomes a no-brainer. We’re really happy for you to see if this product is the right one for you. If it’s not we’d love to hear why because we’re totally committed to not only helping you succeed with OKRs, but helping you business grow with systems and frameworks that also support better more efficient goal achievement.

For example, we’ve created a Kanban board that is linked to your Objectives and Key Results.

It allows you and your collaborators to define what you’re doing now, what you’re going to do next, what’s in your backlog, been completed, paused or even abandoned.

This agile way of working not only allows you to have better OKRs by giving you a better place for your Activities, but also gives you a better way of managing activities.

Why is it better?

Because at the end of the Activity you do a Wrap-up where you document the learnings, for potential re-run. So cumulative learnings can be captured, better processes created, and growth accelerated.

So with ZOKRI you not only get the best free OKR software in the world, you get to align and manage your Activities in a better more agile way.



*Economic Benefits of Goal Setting