People Powered Performance

The only way to sustainably improve performance is to build and manage a happy and strong culture where people and performance matter.

ZOKRI- People Powered Performance

Performance Requires Purpose, Culture & Wellbeing

When they are healthy they impact leading indicators like Engagement and Happiness, and soon after, lagging indicators like Employee Retention and Revenue. But ‘healthy’ requires intent, effort, and the kind of processes, systems, measurement and monitoring you’ll find in ZOKRI.

People Need Purpose
People Need Purpose

What is my organization here for? What is its purpose? Where do I fit in? How does the company succeed? How does my team succeed? How do I succeed?

It’s amazing how many people don’t know. It’s even more amazing how easy the solution is to implement and embed.

ZOKRI- People Need Purpose
ZOKRI- Alignment
Cultural Values & Behaviours With Continuous & Consistent Alignment

Culture and Performance impact each other hugely. Share your Values and the Behaviours you require in ZOKRI so every employee knows who you are and who you need them to be.

Recognize and reward people for living your culture and have the insights form part of your PDP process.

Connected Individual

Wellbeing Monitoring

Wellbeing is closely linked to workplace productivity and individual welfare. So you want to be monitoring it.

When you are asking about subjects like happiness, stress, anxiety, and productivity for example, the best time to ask is when employees are checking-in progress, confidence, blockers and what’s gone well. Feelings are more current, front-of-mind and in context.

When wellbeing is tracked on a continuous basis you also get to see trends that can help you assess the scale of the problem.

ZOKRI- Welfare Monitored
ZOKRI- pdp
Personal Development Plans Can Be
Really Personal

Connecting Company, Team and Individual Goals, Culture and Wellbeing, to PDP and rewards can be hard. But we’ve solved it.

End of Quarter Personal Development Plans have the narrative of performance, culture & welfare at your fingertips so PDPs are accurate, relevant and positive experiences.


Have Your Finger On The Pulse Of Engagement And Performance

Pulse is ZOKRI’s analysis of performance against goals and engagement in the goal setting, initiative alignment, check-in cadence adherence, and collaborative effectiveness.

It’s how managers know how to help managers, and managers help their teams perform. Removing the frustrations that hold people back, and can make them want to leave.

Which is ultimately what ZOKRI is all about. A happy and healthy workforce operating in a thriving, profitable company. A workforce that is able to recognize and praise brilliance and effort, and remove dysfunction.
ZOKRI- Happy People
ZOKRI- People Need To Be Seen & Heard
People Need To Be Seen & Heard

Engaged People Are Seen And Heard

When you’ve ideas you want them to be seen. When you’ve made a contribution you need it to be recognized. When you’ve things that are holding you back from contributing fully, you want them resolved.

ZOKRI captures your teams best ideas, ensures contributions are recognized and never overlooked, and the things that can hold people back and frustrate them, are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Performance Delivered For Management & Their People

There’s not much that’s static in business and being strategic yet agile is an essential part of how you function. So is allowing a level of autonomy over how goals are reached.

ZOKRI allows your Senior Management Team to plan and set annual and quarterly goals at the top and have the whole organization align themselves in a planned, autonomous and agile way around them.

Autonomy, agility and continuous performance improvements come from the processes ZOKRI supports like Weekly Check-ins, Management By Exception, KPI tracking, and Retrospectives.

Professional Management Tools

Professional Tools For Team Management

Management is not easy and there are systems and processes that can be implemented, and data and insights that can be provided that make their jobs less less stressful and their teams happier and more successful.

Giving management ZOKRI is giving them a toolkit to help them manage more effectively. They will provide better direction and be more responsive to the needs of their team. They will also have more time to spend with individuals, making coaching and mentoring an core activity.
ZOKRI- Professional Management Tools

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged
And Better Performing Teams?

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams