People Centered Growth

Create Strategies & Goals That Put People At The Center


Forrester reported that customer-obsessed organizations grow revenue, profits, and employee engagement, and retain customers at more than twice the rate of other firms.

Once your strategic plan, goals and KPIs are in ZOKRI, your customer obsession can come to life, get embedded and become cultural.

People Centered Growth

Cascade Your Plans & Measure What Matters


Your opportunities to communicate your customer focus and align your company around the customer runs across the whole strategic planning cascade and becomes cultural:

  • Mission, Vision and Purpose Statements
  • North Star Metrics
  • Strategy (Strategic Pillars or Balanced Scorecard)
  • Goals (OKRs or SMART Goals)
  • KPIs

ZOKRI is strategy and goal management software that allows you to manage these in one centralized platform, and in managing them in a central place, break free from fragmented sheets and documents. The places where plans often go to die.

The software also provides the guidance and workflows that ensure the conversations that need to happen have happened, the best-practices that you value have been followed, and the updates that need to happen on time and get shared, never get missed.

Customer Centred Strategy & Employee Centered Delivery


The best way of doing more for your customers is to unlock the talent you employ. You want a place where anyone and everyone can see what the company and each is trying to achieve, then align their thinking, ideas and effort towards help

Goals and work should not be siloed or worse, invisible. Make what you and everyone else wants to achieve and how they are going about achieving it visible. Share plans, progress and problems at regular intervals, support each other and celebrate successes.

Performance management is not about having a stick to beat people with, it’s about creating a guide and a map of what is most important, and asking for that to be the focus of attention. For most employees their contribution to performance means owning or helping out on a blend of goals, KPIs and to-dos. Some of these are strategically aligned and some fall into the category of day-to-day business operations. All makes a difference.

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