OKRs & Performance Reviews

A common question when rolling-out OKRs in any organization is whether you should tie OKRs to performance reviews and compensation conversations.

OKRs and compensation?

The arguments for the separation of OKRs and an individual’s performance review and compensation discussions are that:
Asking a manager to work through this rats nest of complexity is asking a lot. And any conclusion reached is likely to be subjective not objective.

Yet, OKRs are a key part of how a company and teams decide on what success looks like. So it would be natural to have some coupling, but loose coupling is best.

So how do you create a simple, fair and more well rounded view of an individual’s performance?

The conversation then becomes about recognizing ownership, contributions, behaviour and personal development.

ZOKRI is OKR software that allows leadership teams to recognize contributions via OKRs and Initiatives, behaviour and personal development.

It’s a platform that allows:
So if you would like to get OKRs embedded and recognize and develop your people, choose ZOKRI.