OKR Software For Teams & Companies

ZOKRI was designed to put OKRs and the best-practices that ensure the framework is used correctly at the heart of the product. Maximising engagement and growth.
OKR Software For
Teams & Companies

Easy To Use For One & All

Whatever size or structure your company is, you will want ease of use, flexibility and scalability to be
at the heart of the software you choose. Allowing teams to work in a way that works for them and you.

Connect Your Tools

Get notified of change and conversations via email or tools like Slack and MS Teams.

Connect your KPIs to Dashboards and Key Results via integrations or manage KPI updates manually in ZOKRI in seconds.

Automatically update Initiative progress by connecting your Projects and Tasks in tools like Jira, Trello and Asana. Double entry will not be required.

Connect Your Tools
Connect Your Tools

Establish The Right Activities
At The Right Cadence

Establish and track critical activities like check-ins, team meetings and 1-on-1’s at the cadence that works for the whole company, for every team and individual.

Give employees clarity on what is expected and managers the tools to track, support and coach their teams.

Use OKRs & ZOKRI Your Way At Scale

As you add users know that they are going to use OKRs and ZOKRI in the way you wanted, without a large training and monitoring overhead. Making scaling from tens to hundreds, and even thousands easy.

Use OKRs & ZOKRI Your Way At Scale

Loved By The Experts

Much of ZOKRI has been developed in partnership with the world’s leading performance
and OKR coaches as they know what’s needed to make great happen.

"ZOKRI is much more than an OKR tracking tool. We view the platform as an engine for business transformation. It is really
easy to use and enables teams to plan, set goals and then execute effectively.

ZOKRI helps business that are serious about implementing OKRs to create workflows that enable teams to share the right
information with the right people at the right time."

Peter Kerr

Foundational To Growth

ZOKRI has helped thousands of companies discover, learn and embed OKRs and Performance
Management inside their companies and helped them ensure remote and hybrid teams can thrive.

"No book could replicate our path to success...the system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency.

ZOKRI is intuitive, user-friendly, and flexible. Combined with the ZOKRI recommended OKR coach, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other's support network. Now we are set to capture the market.

The software, insights and oncall support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks."

Mel Tsiaprazis