ZOKRI - Welcome to THRIVE

Welcome to THRIVE

This is THRIVE – a podcast exploring the science behind workplace performance with real world examples from experts that help companies THRIVE.

THRIVE Episode 2

Episode #2 – Steve Grout & Nikhil K Maini

In our second episode of THRIVE we talk to OKR experts Steve Grout and Nikhil K Maini about exactly how companies can become more resilient in 2021. We also discuss productivity during uncertain times as well as dissecting the culture needed for OKRs to accelerate performance in your teams and company.

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Episode #1 – Peter Kerr

In our debut podcast we are joined by C-Suite OKR Coach Peter Kerr from Auxin. We cover topics on OKR mistakes, the culture needed for OKRs to work, time wasted in meetings and advice for companies looking to press their OKR re-boot button.