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An OKR Book That Will Teach You To


How To Plan & Use OKRs Correctly To
Improve Business Performance

Learn how to join Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Spotify and hundreds of thousands of others in using OKRs to set-goals.

Learn the right way and help your company, your teams and your employees thrive in 2021.

The book includes OKR examples, mistakes to avoid and how to plan to roll-out OKRs. With advice from some of the world’s best OKR coaches included. 

As the world speeds up and the only certainty is uncertainty, long-term planning becomes an increasingly outdated idea.

The more agile frameworks, systems, and processes that ensure people thrive at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Spotify and tens of thousands of other fast growing companies are well known, well understood and highly accessible. It’s a mystery why every company doesn’t use them.

If a vast majority of companies have not successfully embedded these proven ways of ensuring business and employees thrive, I propose these could be your next competitive advantage.

In this book we introduce planning and executional frameworks, like OKRS, that allow every company to create direction but also learn and adapt at speed. Frameworks that allow you to adjust your course and reallocate resources towards whatever problem or opportunity is put in front of you. Most executive teams are not familiar with these systems and many of those that are have not mastered them, paying them lip service only.

Free OKR Guide

Start With Why
How Do You Achieve Your Why?
Are You Measuring What Matters?
Goal Setting Done Right, Because There Is A Wrong
What Does Good Goal Setting Look Like?
OKRs Deliver Better Prioritisation And Inspire More Effort
Top-Down, Bottom-Up Planning & Execution Cycles Work
Give Goals & Execution A Pulse
When Do OKRs Get Implemented Poorly?
A Good OKR Year
Rational Productivity
Mastering Meetings
Coining In On Culture
Will You Commit To Change?
Create A Successful Project By Design
Platforming Yourself For Quarter-on-Quarter Success
Investing In Training & Support
ZOKRI - OKR Canvas

Plan OKRs The Right Way First Time

An OKR Canvas Template
That Works Everytime

This OKR Canvas Template has been designed to eliminate many of the issues teams have with planning and creating OKRs.

It’s a perfect template for both preparing individually and debating in teams. It’s these conversations that are going to ensure you create great OKRs.