15 Best OKR Software Programs To Try In 2021

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. OKRs are a better way of setting goals than simpler goal setting methods like KPIs with targets and SMART, bringing best practice goal setting to any company, and in doing so improving alignment, focus, ambition, and agility.

OKRs are best managed in OKR software which  is why there are a good selection of offering in this category – so here is a list of the best 15 OKR software and tools for you to quickly compare and shortlist.

This list of OKR software includes examples of free and paid for plans.

Last updated 16 April 2021

Comparison list of OKR software and OKR tools

Quick Introduction To OKRs & OKR Software

OKR Software Examples

#2. Betterworks
#3. Weekdone
#5. Ally
#6. Timely
#7. Koan
#8. Kazoo
#9. GTM Hub
#10. Engagedly
#11. Cutlure Amp
#12. Profit
#13. Yaguara
#14. Simple OKR
#15. Heartpace

This list is made up of OKR software vendors that offer many features and integrations that are suitable for start-ups, medium size businesses or global organizations. This list is in no particular order and is correct at the time of writing.

What is an OKR?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a framework created by Andy Grove whilst at Intel and later introduced by John Doer to Google. 

It’s a goal setting framework designed for companies to define aligned business and team objectives that can be set and tracked across planning periods. With each objective comes a set of Key Results that measure progress in a more meaningful way – so you can measure what matters’

By progressing what are typically 1 to 4 Key Results, with Key Results often containing a metric and a target value that is often a stretch goal, goals are achieved.

One of the many superpowers OKRs have is alignment which is sometimes called a ‘cascade‘. OKRs can be aligned vertically and horizontally, with alignment being to the whole Objective or specific Key Results.

This cascade also allows progress to to tracked and reported for a cascade or what is sometimes also called a ‘branch’ of OKRs.

OKR Software and Tools

Often OKRs are kept in sheets but this will eventually become a challenge to update and report on. It’s actually common for OKRs to be totally forgotten about when they are kept in sheets.

Carefully crafted OKRs take a long time to think about, debate, plan and write – they belong in OKR software where you can assign, align and track them with ease, and you can run key processes like check-ins and OKR meetings.

OKR – Not just another acronym

You come across many acronyms and buzzwords when looking into measuring business performance. OKRs, KPIs and SMART goals to name a few. What is the difference between them?

KPIs are metrics that are used to track performance and alert you to issues and are often categorised as leading and lagging indicators depending on the how they impact each other.

SMART can combine with KPIs to set targets that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound.

OKRs take these one step further and allow you to focus on the KPIs that need to change, group them to combine aspects like quantity and quality, and of course they are time-bound by planning cycles like Quarters. They also have added advantages like alignment, split ownership and collaboration, and best-practices like ‘stretch’ built-in.


Learn More About OKR With Blueprints

Diagrammatic blueprints of how OKRs fit in a your company. How they compliment strategy, KPIs, Business-as-Usual work, and activities like projects. Don’t be confused by OKR, download this.

Setting Goals Is Important & OKR Software Is The Answer

The number one complaint from teams is that managers don’t communicate clear expectations on department or team goals. With OKRS that can change immediately.

Below is our list of the best OKR Software vendors and tools that will set you up for OKR success. We have listed their name, cover the usability of the software and talk about relevant features that will aid in OKR planning, writing, assigning and tracking. We will of course also list the cost including any free or trial plans the OKR software offers.

Plan to use OKR Software
before you use it

Sounds strange doesn’t it! But success with an OKR software platform you want to use means you need to plan to use it.

These steps are tried and tested, and to complete them you really don’t need software.

  • Define your Mission, Vision and Purpose.
  • Use your strategy to pinpoint 2 – 4 strategic pillars – these are the battlegrounds you need to win in order to thrive.
  • Know which ‘health metrics’ or KPIs can be maintained and which ones that need to be improve. 
  • Create your first Company OKRs that align with the Pillars you’ve written and use KPIs.
  • Ask your teams to create their OKRs to align with your Company OKRs and align with each others.


  • Define the Initiatives (the projects, groups of tasks, or tasks) that are going to achieve your OKRs – separating out the Initiatives that you are going to do now and which will be next when they are done.

You need to know what you’re looking for
before choosing OKR software

So before you shortlist the best OKR software let’s start with thinking about why OKRs can fail and how good software can help.

  • The OKR software should be able to bring all of what is above together in one place and as opposed to being contained within fragmented tools and docs like spreadsheets and PPTs. So look for OKR Software with Long-term Strategic Planning frameworks like Mission, Vision, Purpose and Strategic Pillars. Your Annual and Quarterly OKRs will need to align with these.


  • The OKR platform you choose needs to guide users into following best practices like separating OKRs from Initiatives. A common mistake that means there would be no measurable outcomes to evaluate your hard work against.


  • It’s going to be critical in your OKR tracking tool that you have weekly check-ins and team meeting workflows that keep teams engaged and that they focus on surfacing what’s holding people back.
  • Managers need the right support, which means they need the data to know if their teams are keeping to the right check-in and meeting cadence i.e. ideally weekly, staying engaged and following the systems agreed; like flagging Key Results with low confidence, Initiatives that are ‘stuck’, or flagging issues that are holding progress back.
  • The senior management team requires views that spotlight where the biggest problems are so they can make the right decision at the right time – this often means assigning resources.


  • If you’re ‘measuring what matters’ you are going to be using Health Metrics or KPIs. Some will need improvement, some will be being maintained at a level that’s good enough. Make sure your software can allow users to set these up, track them and when needed embed them in Key Results.


  • We all need nudges and alerts when things need to be done and issues need to be solved and spreadsheets are terrible at this.


  • It takes time to prepare for one-on-ones, stand-ups, team meetings, and board meetings. So having the agenda immediately there and ready to go i.e. How are we doing? What are we doing? What are we going to do next? What is holding us back that needs solving?, is incredibly useful.


  • Harmful behaviours like micromanagement need to be stopped. This is possible if the right OKR software is embedded as the ‘how are you doing?’ and ‘what are you doing’ become totally unnecessary – which then moves the conversation to ‘how can I help?’.


  • The right OKR software also puts people in control and allows autonomy – again if you’ve got people engaged then they can work towards executing the Initiatives that drive progress in a way more autonomous way because there visibility, transparency and accountability.


  • Connecting OKRs to conversations about performance and compensation are generally frowned upon but at the same time, ignoring OKRs makes sense. Platforms that allow you to bridge from OKRs to PDPs without undermining things like teamwork will help not hinder performance.

A List of 15 Best OKR Software Tools

Here are the top 15 OKR Software providers that will help you with some or all of the points above.

This page was created by ZOKRI – a market leader in OKR Software & Training. We are therefore biased. But because ZOKRI is OKR Software that has been built alongside over 3000 companies of all sizes, and in partnership with industry experts, plus of course we can see customers succeeding with ZOKRI and OKR everyday, we are confident it is great OKR solution. We’d love you to try it.


Use ZOKRI to create an engaged, goal focused and high performing team culture that succeeds with OKRs.

  • Strategic Planning Share your Mission, Vision, North Star, and Strategic Pillars then align OKRs with your reason for being and battlefields you must win.
  • Easy OKR Management ZOKRI is a leader in OKR Management. It's easy to plan, track, discuss, and report on OKRs with ZOKRI.
  • Initiative Alignment & Management Define and align your Initiatives with Objectives and Key Results. Manage them all the way through from ideas to completed and the results captured.
  • Check-ins To improve KPIs, achieve OKRs, complete Initiatives, and know that you’re part of an amazing company and a great team you need great conversations. Regular Check-ins achieves this.
  • Notifications & Alerts Get nudges, alerts and notifications via MS Teams, Slack, and schedule OKR meetings in calendar apps.
  • Meeting Management There are various meetings that require OKRs on the agenda. Weekly Team, End of Quarter Retrospective & Planning, 1-on-1’s. These need to be scheduled, agendas proposed and shared, OKRs discussed, actions assigned, notes and decisions captured. ZOKRI’s comprehensive Meeting Management features allow you to do all of this, and you will know policies are being followed and great meetings are happening.
  • Knowledge Base When you’ve completed an Initiative, capture the results, and share what you would ‘Keep Doing’, ‘Start Doing’, and ‘Stop Doing’ next time.
  • Email Support ZOKRI is easy to contact should you need help with the platform.
  • SSO User Management Adding and removing users in a secure way is made easier with SSO e.g. limiting access to a domain.
  • Personal OKRs Personal OKRs are only visible to an employee and their manager and can be used alongside Quarterly PDPs.
  • Wellbeing Surveys Weekly pulse surveys allow employees to share how they’re feeling and managers and HR to catch them if they need help.
  • Manager Support OKRs and ZOKRI are an opportunity to support managers and their reports to be more engaged, productive and happy, even when teams are working remotely.
  • HRIS Support ZOKRI makes it easy to add and maintain employees information like reporting lines.

ZOKRI is OKR software that has been designed from the ground up alongside industry experts to introduce OKRs without breaking-step and scale their use throughout the company. It’s an easy-to-use platform that guides best-practices and unlocks OKR superpowers, without needing everyone in the company to read a book.

Not only are OKRs easy to add, but they are easy to manage with check-ins and meetings made easy and unmissable.

So with ZOKRI the whole company has absolute clarity on how the Company, Departmental & Team Goals align, and how success will be measured. Goal and project priorities are understood and there’s clear ownership.

When you want to extend OKRs to Performance Management, ZOKRI has that covered as well. You can start small and extend if and when you’re ready.

ZOKRI is FREE to create an account where you can learn, plan and create OKRs, start running regular check-ins and having OKR meetings like 1-on-1’s, and weekly team meetings.

Why ZOKRI & Why Today?


  • Choosing a leading OKR platform that thousands of companies use for OKRs because it’s easy to use, works for all types of teams with all types of goal setting needs

  • Setting yourself up for OKR success and create OKR fans in your team and company

  • Accelerating the OKR learning and onboarding process

  • Accessing exclusive video tutorials and guides for you and your team the right way fast

  • Accessing departmental OKR and KPI examples that can be used immediately
  • Ensuring critical jobs-to-be-done like check-ins and meetings are never missed

  • Getting the support of OKR coaches and the best software support around

  • Able to use KPIs for business-as-usual performance tracking and OKRs for your priorities seamlessly together, helping both to thrive together

  • And when the time is right, ZOKRI can play a more prominent part in your Performance Management, employee development and appraisal process, or not, the choice is yours
Peter Kerr AuxinOKR

"ZOKRI is much more than an OKR tracking tool to us. We view the platform as an engine for business transformation. It is really easy to use and enables teams to plan, set goals and then execute effectively.

ZOKRI helps business that are serious about implementing OKRs to create workflows that enable teams to share the right information with the right people at the right time."

Peter Kerr, OKR Expert

#2. Betterworks

OKR software that supports goals and alignment, conversations about OKRs and feedback as well as insights and analytics. Betterworks allows for continuous performance initiatives, employee engagement and best practice.

Transparency is handled well by this software. Team members can track OKRs and progress of team leads just as simply as leads can do the same.

Betterworks offers a variety of integrations to third party software including Google, Microsoft, Slack, Jira, G Suite, Asana and many more.

Betterworks starts at $15/user/month and has a free trial.

#3. Weekdone

This OKR software combines OKR methodology with weekly check-in functionality to drive company outcomes. It helps to focus teams and build a goal-oriented company culture.

It comes with a standard OKR feature set,such as OKR linking to create alignment between company and team goals and the ability to create dashboards and progress breakdowns for the company and each team.

Weekdone offers different views, such as an office wide dashboard, reporting views, and shared context for meetings. Notifications and reminders can be set up too.

Team leaders can view insights on individual plans, progress, and problems with weekly progress reports. These can be used later to provide feedback through 1-to-1s.

Integrations include Slack, Jira, and Asana, among other software.

Pricing packages start at $108 a month for up to 10 users.

A free version with all software features for teams of 3 or less is available.

#4. Perdoo

Perdoo brings growth strategy, goals and people together in their OKR setting platform. It allows CEOs and managers to communicate strategy in real time so that employees align their efforts to deliver on KPIs.

Paid plan starts from $9 per user/per month.

#5. Ally

Ally is an OKR Platform that keeps remote teams focused on the goals and outcomes that align an organization’s strategy. OKRs can be created easily and updated automatically. Objective alignment can be viewed across an entire organization. This OKR software is good for teams who would benefit from OKR coaching.

Paid plans start at $9.50 per user/per month.

#6. Timely

A piece of OKR software with modules for team time tracking, project and team planning, performance reviews, real-time KPI tracking, invoicing, mapping and scheduling resources, as well as a 60-day timeline visualization.

Timely is simple to use with resources readily available.

Integrations with this OKR tool include usual software already listed as well as Teamwork, Monday.com, Clubhouse, Kanbanize, Aha! And many more.

Timely starts at $8/user/month and has a free 14-day trial.

#7. Koan

Koan offers OKR tools that combine metrics with team qualitative insights. This is to predict goal outcomes. You can set goals at company, departmental, and team levels and then track metrics towards your Key Results.

Koan’s ridiculously low starting price and hefty trial period ensured they scored well in the Value for Cost section of the evaluation criteria. This makes them a great option for start-ups or smaller businesses.

Koan’s integrations include Jira, Slack, Okta, Google Suite, Azure Active Directory, and more.

Koan pricing plans start at $6/user/month

#8. Kazoo

Kazoo’s OKR software works to highlight performance, recognition, and feedback systems. The tool includes goals and OKRs, check-ins, feedback and coaching, talent assessment, and insights and reporting. Kazoo can integrate with a long list of software.

Kazoo offers pricing upon request.

#9. Gtmhub

Gtmhub is an OKR tool that is built for one singular goal – the deployment of OKRs across a company. Tasks can be added to Objectives to map the road to their success.

Paid plans start at $10 per user/per month.

#10. Engagedly

Businesses can align and motivate their workforce with Engagedly. Features of this OKR software include Goal Setting, Manager Feedback, Peer Praise, Idea Generation, Knowledge Sharing, Rewards, Objectives Alignment (OKR), and Social Performance.

Integrations include ADP, Namely, Bamboo HR, iSolved, Paylocity, Google Suite, Microsoft, OneLogin, Okta, Oracle, HR Cloud, Slack, and Compport.

Engagedly starts at $6/user/month and has a free demo.

#11. Culture Amp

Culture Amp allows you to set and track goal progress, associate goals with department objectives, and leave comments or flag blockers that require attention.

Speak to their sales team for pricing.

#12. Profit

Profit is an OKR platform that allows you to focus in and track individual and team OKRs as well as employee engagement on goals. Users can comment and reward others for goals achieved.

Paid plans start at $9 per user/per month.

#13. Yagura

An OKR tool that has a particular focus on data-driven projects with quantifiable relationships to larger business objectives.

Yaguara can be used to unify communication and data so that teams can better see goals, set-backs, and progress in a satisfying way. Collaboration is easy and fulfilling.

Integrations include eCommerce software such as Shopify, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo, Instagram, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Zendesk, Stripe, Mailchimp, Asana, WooCommerce, Quickbooks, Yotpo, Wrike, and Youtube.

Yaguara starts at $500/month. The software has both a free trial and a free demo.

#14. Simple OKR

Simple OKR offers solutions for the company, teams, and personal OKRs. You can observe progress tracking with OKR targets, OKR alignment for all team members and 360 performance reviews.

Its simple dashboard shows each major OKR, the current year and quarter, and progress-as-percentage as well as graphs.

Simple OKR starts at $49.99/month and has a free 7-day trial.

#15. Heartpace

Heartpace is more of an HR System that can be used to hone OKRs. You can create public OKRs for each department that can pull teams together while employees set ambitious OKRs and determine personal Key Results.

This software offers automatic reminders, various templates, and structured evaluations make it a great leader-to-team communication solution.

Heartpace starts at $5.40/user/month and has a free 20-day trial.

The information above – along with our list of 15 OKR software providers,
should help you in creating an OKR tool shortlist.

Choosing the best software for you, your teams and entire company is a big decision that needs to be thought about.

ZOKRI offers a FREE OKR Software plan for teams to create an account where they can learn, plan and create
OKRs immediately. Teams can also start running regular check-ins and having OKR meetings
like 1-on-1’s, and weekly team meetings right away.

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