Sales OKR Examples

Sales are used to having goals but these are different

These OKR examples are for Sales and are visible to the company which helps them align with and support goal achievements

Sales OKRs are initially a little contentious as sales teams know their targets, they’ve got Salesforce and dashboards telling them where they are at any given moment. But what this misses is transparency. The rest of the business doesn’t have an account in Salesforce. They don’t know where Sales are, and more importantly, where they might be able to help. 

OKRs create alignment, shared purpose, and better teamwork. So if you want Marketing, Sales and Customer Success to really align and not just be accountable to each other, but help each other, and see shared interest in collective achievement, then Sales OKRs should be visible, as should all other teams goals. 

The other key thing about Sales OKRs in ZOKRI is that they are the tip of the iceberg. The Initiative ‘doing’ layer is the real engine room. Being able to see, and where possible, suggest Initiatives that help teams and individuals achieve their goals, really helps company and team performance.

Below we’ve created Sales OKRs for different roles within the Sales Organization as well. Sales Leadership can carry high level metrics and pipeline efficiency metrics. SDRs can have OKRs that are specifically targeting quality SQLs. Quota carrying reps can have OKRs that reflect their Quota and support higher level OKRs like contract length.

A simple way of creating great Key Results is to use a Verb like ‘Increase’, a Sales KPIs and a Target Value. Give it a go.

OBJECTIVE - Achieve sales growth targets

KEY RESULT 1 – Generate New MRR of $100K  METRIC – New MRR
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Average Revenue Per Account to $850  METRIC – ARPA
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase Months Up Front Payments (MUFP) to 9.5  METRIC – MUFP
KEY RESULT 4 – Generate Bookings with Total Contract Value (TCV) of $1m  METRIC – TCV

This OKR could be used for a Sales Leader or individual BDR. You can select from the most relevant Key Results for you. This OKR targets specific MRR and Average Revenue Per Account, with more being paid upfront to help cashflow, and with longer contract periods.

OBJECTIVE - Optimize the Sales Pipeline

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase SQL : Per Rep to 40  METRIC – SQL : Per Rep
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase SQL : Win Rate to 25%  METRIC – SQL : Win Rate
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase Rep Quote Attainment to 80%  METRIC – Rep Quota Attainment %
KEY RESULT 4 – Reduce Sales Cycle to 28 Days  METRIC – Sales Cycle
KEY RESULT 5 – Increase Ramped Reps to 8  METRIC – Ramped Reps

This is an OKR for a Sales Leader responsible to Optimizing the Sales Pipeline. In creates a focus on having the right number of Ramped Reps, each having the optimal number of SQLs, and conversion rate of an SQL to attain their quota in the shortest Sales Cycle possible.

OBJECTIVE - SQL fuelled growth

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase SQL to 320  METRIC – SQL
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase MQL Discovery Calls % to 60%  METRIC – MQL Discovery Calls
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase SQL : Demo Complete % to 80%  METRIC – SQL : Demo Complete %
KEY RESULT 4 – Generate New MRR of $100K  METRIC – New MRR

This OKR is for a Sales Development Rep. It gives specific SQL targets, and includes Key Results that drive good behaviours like Discovery Calls, and quality checks like the % of SQLs that end up having a Demo, and of course MRR.

Setting OKRs for Sales is an interesting exercise and an opportunity to influence behaviour with smart measurement. Sales people like most other are influenced by how their performance is measured. Track the right metrics and you’re more likely to see ideal sales behaviour. 

With Sales OKRs you can move beyond bookings. You can blend metrics to create a story of desired success. For example, you can balance bookings with sales matching an Ideal Customer Profile, and Contract Length. The possibilities to create excellent Sales OKRs that help Sales meet quota and are in the long-term interests of the company make OKR a powerful business and sales tool.


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