Customer Success OKR Examples

The clue is in the name: Customer Success

Luckily creating OKRs that tell you whether customers are being successful is not to hard

OBJECTIVE - Ensure our customers always succeed

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Trial : Closed Won % to 25%  METRIC – Trial : Closed Won %
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Expansion % of Total MRR to 2%  METRIC – Expansion % of Total MRR
KEY RESULT 3 – Reduce Net MRR Churn % to 1%  METRIC – Net MRR Churn %
KEY RESULT 4 – Increase NPS to 50  METRIC – NPS

It’s the essence of Customer Success, but how would you know a customer has succeeded? More trials would close as won, expansion sales would increase, churn would reduce, and NPS would rise. We think Customer Success must team up with Product Management be accountable for this OKR.

OBJECTIVE - Growth from my Customer Accounts

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce Gross MRR Churn % to 2%  METRIC – Gross MRR Churn %
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Expansion Bookings of managed portfolio to $10K  METRIC – Expansion Monthly Recurring Revenue (EMRR)
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase ARPA of managed portfolio to $1K  METRIC – ARPA

Another OKR that could be given to Customer Success Managers or Execs focuses on Account Growth. You’d know they’re doing a great job if Churn is low, Expansion Bookings are growing, and ARPA is rising.

Customer Success OKRs are relatively straightforward for a SaaS company as they are normally geared to MRR growth through better onboarding and expansion sales. Like with the other OKRs, the magic happens at the layer below these. The Initiatives. Here you decide what you’re going to do in order to affect these metrics, tracking the impact of each in a cycle of continuous performance improvement. And of course the benefits of being transparent about your Customer Success goals is that it helps other teams know where you are, how to be of assistance.

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