There Be Giants

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Manchester, UK

What do they do?

We help high-growth businesses, their teams and their people become relentlessly focussed on growth and innovation.

How do they do it?

Clarity, measurement, habit and technology; our unique, research-driven methodology combines these four pillars in a powerfully engaging way to increase the shared sense of purpose in your business. You’ll soon find your entire organisation is aligning effortlessly behind your primary goals.

The major part of how we work is OKRs (Objectives & Key Results), which are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for how ambitious businesses corral everyone and everything behind their priorities. We take the uncertainty and common pitfalls out of OKRs by providing a clear starting point and then a pathway to gaining the highest impact from them.

What's the impact?

Up to 200%+ revenue growth. That’s what our clients have achieved when they have worked with us and followed our methods.

It’s not just growth for the business, but also we see rapid personal development as every employee’s contribution to the company goals becomes more apparent than ever. It’s not long before this manifests itself into increased confidence and capability in almost all aspects of a team’s work.

Engagement, accountability, transparency and agility are all what you can expect to see more of when you choose There Be Giants!


"There are plenty of OKR systems on the market now, but what's impressed me about ZOKRI is that it is designed specifically for SaaS businesses. This means they have been able to build in intelligence that helps craft great objectives and focussed key results which help a SaaS business achieve its goals. I also love its team focus which, by design, encourages regular check-ins ins with minimal effort."

Roger Longden, CEO
There Be Giants