OKRs & Training

Two OKR Experts

OKRs & Training compose of two seasoned individuals who have global experience in OKRs. Paul Niven uses 20+ years of experience in strategy execution and change management, while Zackary Ross utilizes two decades of hands-on goal setting and OKRs that were successfully implemented at Google and Amazon.

As a team they work with organizations to design tailored OKRs which are uniquely suited to your needs.

Paul Niven

Seasoned consultant, author and speaker on various topics from strategy execution and balanced scorecards to OKR planning and deployment. He works with global clients who use Paul to develop and execute unique strategies. 

Clients include Enterprise brands Panasonic and Anheuser-Busch to the World Vision and the United States Navy.

Author to 6 acclaimed books of which have been translated in over 15 languages allowing organisations around the globe learn from his expertise and experience.

Zackary Ross

Currently the Senior Technical Program Manager for Google, Zackary drives engineering teams to align their OKRs with company strategy. 17 years experience in the technical industry, including time spent at Amazon expanding the company’s footprint into European marketplaces specifically to protect users from fraud, money laundering and abuse online.

New to OKRs?

If you’re planning to adopt OKRs within your business Paul and Zackary will:

Work Onsite
Training and education will be provided to leadership teams or participating groups where corporate level OKRs (as well as the necessary addition team OKRs) will be developed. a deployment plan will also be developed with the designated OKR Project Manager in your company.

Remote Coaching
Feedback, recommendations and answers to questions on OKRs and implementation are conducted via conference calls with the OKR Project Manager or participating teams to ensure you’re on track and deliver.  

Develop Key OKR Enablers
Maximize your results by developing roll-out parameters and put your Objectives against their best-practice checklist.

Already Use OKRs?

If OKRs are already set within your organization, Paul and Ross assess and review your OKRs against:

  • Best practice
  • Alignment with your strategy
  • How they align with other OKRs in your business
  • Goals
  • Scoring
  • Cadence