Hannes Albrecht


Munich, Germany

Implementing OKRs

Take advantage of 5+ years of international OKR experience with Hannes Albrecht. Learn how to minimize risk with an onsite OKR expert who has a proven process in implementing OKRs successfully in any organization with a blended learning approach.

“I want you to take advantage of my experience and internalise the process as fast as possible.”

Hannes works with teams and organizations of any size who are planning to change managerial and leadership methods to using OKRs.

OKR Self Learning

If you’re wanting to take your existing OKR process to the next level, Hannes Albrecht offers 2 online courses in combination with live-coaching. This is great for teams or individuals who are planning OKRs who would rather not arrange meetings and schedule workshops – especially if they are international and working in different time-zones.

The “3 Week OKR Champion Course” is designed to launch OKRs in your business with the intention of you becoming the internal OKR guardian. 

The “Intensive Course” aids you in improving OKR quality, accelerate outcomes and run a slicker process of OKRs in your business.

Simply Ask The Expert

If OKRs are already running in your organization but you feel that your processes, quality and outputs are weak – simply ask the expert.

Arranging 1 hour personal coaching sessions will enable you to get answers and clear advice quickly thanks to customized training designed to guide your OKR processes in the right direction.