Ben Lamorte

California, USA

Start Using OKRs

Business leaders aiming to focus, define and make measurable progress on important company goals will utlize Ben Lamorte’s experience to drive desired results. He has helped hundreds of business managers create and refine OKRs including eBay, Sears, Zalando, GoNoodle and Dun & Bradstreet.

Ben’s approach to working with businesses is to develop a customised package which comprises of a combination of three stages:

Define Deployment Parameters

A mutual understanding of what exactly is needed will be discussed and worked on. Questions around OKR deployment parameters will provide answers to why you need OKRs, which teams will use them (and how many), how they will be scored and how the OKRs will be integrated into performance reviews.

Create and Align OKRs Across Teams

Here is where your company OKRs are defined and planned to measure progress. Management within your orgaization gains visibility into all OKRs which sets the stage for alignment where goals are measured, but importantly, connected through the business.

Train Ambassadors To Make Objective & Key Results Stick

Training sessions are organized to create your in-house OKR expert and guardian who will eventually hold the knowledge to successful OKRs in the long term.