We help companies get employees up the OKR learning curve.

We help companies get employees up the OKR learning curve.

Make OKRs part of you everyday planning and execution processes.

  • Let’s have a short call to discuss you project.

  • Learn how leading OKR coaches can Introduce OKRs to leadership and your teams

  • Move from theory to practice with facilitated OKR setting OKR planning workshops and reach OKR consensus

  • Learn how to roll-out OKRs at scale quickly without it slowing anyone down

  • Train internal OKRs champions to they can become you in-house experts and trainers

  • Get expert support at key stages of the first quarters and get support any individuals struggling

  • Optimize your set-up and use of ZOKRI

  • All for what is always a relatively small investment with a big ROI

Set-up For OKR Success With
OKR Training & Software.

“Not only does ZOKRI run our OKR process, it is what is on-screen when we meet and the focal point of team meetings.
Capturing priorities, solving problems, assigning actions, and keeping everyone on track. Transformational.”

Collette Easton, Yard Digital

The Best OKRs Software For Systemizing Goal & Execution Alignment