A multi-stage OKR Roll-out Plan that works

OKRs are a powerful business accelerator and transform team and company performance. To harness the full power of the framework you need to plan the roll-out and execute the plan. Here are some milestones we recommend you should be in your OKR roll-out plan.

Committed Leadership

OKR initiatives are lead from the top to start with. They require a committed senior exec to make the call that OKRs are going to happen. If you’re starting OKRs in one team e.g. Marketing, it’s the same deal there.

Appoint OKR Lead

Select an OKR Lead, the person that will run the OKR roll-out now and perhaps on an ongoing basis. Alongside ZOKRI they will:

• Teach people about OKRs and ZOKRI
• Do QA on OKRs and ZOKRI use
• Where required coordinate integrations with ZOKRI
• Attending regular ZOKRI OKR Lead training session
• Have a direct relationship with the Product team at ZOKRI

Internal OKR Workshop

Run a workshop with the people that will create the first OKRs. These are often at a Company Level and Team Leads e.g. Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product, Engineering, Finance etc. The agenda for the meeting will include:

What are OKRs?
What are the benefits of OKRs?
Why else uses OKRs?

Our Goals
What Metrics / KPIs matter most?
What are the most important Objectives for the How would you measure the successful achievement of each of those Objectives (Measurable Key Results) using ‘hard’ targets
What would our OKR Hierarchy look like? Are we aligned??

OKRs vs Initiatives
OKRs are What, Initiatives are ‘How’
Initiatives: What’s Active, Up Next, Other Ideas

Agree Next Steps
Go through ZOKRI on-boarding / training
Use ZOKRI to create OKRs & Initiatives
We review OKRs and initiatives together
We have weekly check-ins to get used to OKRs & ZOKRI
We plan wider roll-out

NOTE: If you need help with the content for this presentation or would like OKR coaches to help with this process we can help connect you to some that are experts at following processes like this and are familiar with ZOKRI. Simply ask via Support.

Go through ZOKRI On-boarding / Training & Create first OKRs and Initiatives in ZOKRI

Don’t forget, to help you there are help articles, live chat and ZOOM training sessions. There is no reason to struggle.

Review with your team

Have a session to review each others OKRs and Initiatives.

Have a weekly check-in

Create a weekly check-in and have your first meeting with your first OKRs.

Plan wider-roll-out

Consider the best way of bringing other teams onboard.

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