KPIs That Correlate With Growth

KPIs That Correlate With Growth

  • Over 120 KPIs / metrics, defined and ready to use
  • Set owners, update manually, in batches and through integrations like Google Analytics, Stripe, Salesforce and more
  • Use metrics that matter and drive performance via your OKRs
  • See who and what is influencing each metric and OKR

Create Better Key Results

Key Results should always correlate with each Objectives success. By achieving progress with each Key Result you should be moving closer to achieving the Objective of your OKR.

Metric selection and measurement is central to good Key Result creation and OKR success, making the selection of the metrics that form part of your Key Results is an OKR critical success factor.

The good news is ZOKRI has built the selection, ownership and updating of metrics and their progress part of the OKR creation workflow. The software encourages users to select metrics / KPIs for use as part of the OKR creation process.

That doesn’t mean you can’t create Key Results with other ways of measuring progress like % complete and milestones. You can. But Easy to use OKR builders mean that you will see more measurable Key Results created and fewer task based Key Results being used. This is a big step forward in ensuring you succeed with OKRs.

Objectives and Key Results - OKR
Create Better Key Results with KPIs and % Complete Milestones

No More Tasks As Key Results

A common issue with OKRs is Key Results become Tasks as time goes on. This means your goals are less about the destination and more about how you’re going to get there.

By using Initiatives alongside your OKRs you’re giving your teams a better place to plan and execute how they are are going to meet and exceed their goals.

Initiative List
Update KPIs

Managing KPIs Made Easy

Whether you own 5 or 50 KPIs that are being used in Key Results, we’ve made updating them easy.

We will alert you when they need to be updated and have made it easy to update them in one screen, or via Integrations.

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