Create amazing OKRs & Dashboards with Asana

Create amazing OKRs and Dashboards with Asana

Asana is now a Project and to-do management favourite and was high on our customers integration request list. It is of course easy to create both Key Results and Initiatives with Asana.

ZOKRI- Asana Integration
ZOKRI- asana-projects

Projects as Key Results

Complete Projects & Tasks

You can create Key Results that report progress against Projects and the Tasks you hope to get completed.

As Tasks are completed, so is Progress. For example, you might create a Project to expand to a new Geography. As your team completes Tasks your Key Result Progress will also update and be visible to everyone, the only thing left to update in ZOKRI are check-in details like Confidence.

Align Tasks with OKRs

Align ‘Where’ you’re going with ‘What’ you're doing to get there

If OKRs are your Objectives with Key Results being how you’re numerically defining success, what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis to achieve your OKRs are Projects and Tasks.

You can connect any Project with ZOKRI. Importing and aligning Tasks in your Projects with OKRs or even specific Key Results is then easy. You can even create Asana Tasks from ZOKRI by creating Initiatives.

ZOKRI- asana-projects-tasks

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