OKRs Are Amazing.

OKRs Are Amazing.

We would love to help you tell your team about OKRs and how they could be managed in ZOKRI.

  • Let’s have a short call to identify and give you what you need. This often includes: 101 guides, slides and templates, roll-out tips and a free trial account with set-up support.

  • If you want support when you present to colleagues let us know and we will join you.

  • If everyone is excited about the value that has been identified we can carry on helping you succeed with the project, creating a plan of action for the first few quarters that ensures we get everyone onboard, engaged and benefiting from OKRs and the conversations and value they bring.

Tell your team about OKRs & show them ZOKRI.

“Not only does ZOKRI run our OKR process, it is what is on-screen when we meet and the focal point of team meetings.
Capturing priorities, solving problems, assigning actions, and keeping everyone on track. Transformational.”

Collette Easton, Yard Digital

The Best OKRs Software For Systemizing Goal & Execution Alignment