OKRs Are A Great Start.

Now Combine Them With Agile Execution

OKRs Are A Great Start.

Now Combine Them With Agile Execution

Align & Manage Activities That Deliver Your OKRs

Having well defined and aligned OKRs provides focus. But then you need to execute. Using your most expensive and impactful asset - people, the best way you can.

What’s proven to work is the Agile methodology of managing activities. Here you describe units of work (Initiatives), define what success looks like, then execute, learn, and repeat.

Create Your Own OKR Delivery Knowledge Base & Playbook

Your team will create a library of activities that have been used to deliver specific OKRs and impact specific metrics. Some of these actives will work and can be repeated and improved. They can become Plays you can bank on. Others can be used once or discarded as not effective.

This knowledge can stay in your company and be passed from employee to employee. Making you smarter and more effective from quarter to quarter.

Move Initiatives from Not Yet Run, to Up Next, Active and Complete. Making it easy to see what’s being worked on, what’s going to be done next, and what could be done if you had more time and resources. And because you’re agile, you can even Pause and Abandon Initiatives.

Employees Leave, Learnings Should Not

Everyday employees are learning about what works, what should not be repeated, and what to change next time, should an Initiative be repeated.

For example, ZOKRI have just exhibited at a conference, and the on-screen presentation was great. The giveaways were a waste of time and money.

Usually this learning would get forgotten and leave the business when the people who executed the Initiative left. But not in ZOKRI. This gets captured, used, and added to.

This helps new people get up to speed faster, and existing team members to continuously evolve and improve their performance.

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