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Common Questions Answered

Why do I need to book a meeting?

We have found that customers get a better experience and understanding of our capabilities from talking to us. We get to understand what you want to achieve and help you learn and configure ZOKRI for that. We also find we are able to give lots of great OKR implementation advice as well.

However, if you really don’t want to talk to our team and do want an account, tick the box at the top of the form and we can get that set-up for you as well.

Our teams use Jira / Trello / Asana for Tasks?

Great, we connect to Jira and make it easy to track KPIs, create Key Results and Initiatives from Jira Projects and Cards, plus you can even do your Priority Planning for stand-ups and weekly meetings in ZOKRI without re-entering task information.

It’s similar for other project / task management software like Trello and Asana. 

How much on-boarding and OKR support do you provide?

We have OKR coaches to help individuals and teams that are new to OKRs. Software on-boarding happens via in-app training resources and customer success teams.

Can leadership teams easily track progress?

Yes, they can build reporting views that instantly tell them how teams and individuals are doing and who needs help.

What if teams work across time-zones and remotely?

Because it is easy to sharing daily and weekly priorities, wins, problems, progress and more, ZOKRI is perfect for teams that struggle to meet at the same time or those that want to reduce time spent in meetings.

Do you use SSO?

Yes, Microsoft and Google SSO comes as standard in all plans.

Can I start with something really simple?

ZOKRI does have a depth of features all designed to support goal achievement and a healthy agile workplace. These features range from OKR and KPI management, to wellbeing and personal development planning. 

The good news is the software is both modular and highly configurable. You can start small and simple and grow from there. You won’t pay for what you don’t want or need.

Can I integrated with our HRIS system?

We can upload a file of your employees or integrate with your HRIS system to make adding employees seamless.

Can I integrated spreadsheets with ZOKRI?

We’ve a great Google Sheets and Excel connector that allows both KPIs and Key Results to get data from spreadsheets.

Can I integrated spreadsheets with Slack & MS Teams?

Yes, it’s easy to set-up and get going both and get notified of important changes and tasks like check-ins. you can even comment on updates directly from Slack and Teams.

What options do you have for Key Results?

Lots! They range from the simple, like % complete and from / to, to the more advanced, like Milestones, integrated KPIs, connected projects and more.

We also allow users to weight Key Results, set Key Result difficulty levels at the Key Result level, connect other OKRs to individual Key Results, and even have unique owners and collaborators working on specific Key Results.

All of this achieved whilst making the software super-simple to use.

Can I export OKRs?

Yes, one click exports of OKRs is possible.

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