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60 Minutes That Transforms Performance Forever

Meet with a strategy and goal setting coach, pick their brains, get tips and discuss possible next steps. There’s no cost and no pressure. Let’s just see where it goes.

Want to execute your strategy, create organizational alignment, and build a high performing culture?

Thinking about implementing OKRs and want to see if they are a good option?
Or perhaps you’re struggling to use OKRs and want help?

Meet one of our OKR coaches and tell them where you are and what you’re looking to do and achieve.

  • Learn about best-practices that will make a huge difference to team and company performance
  • Get answers to specific questions you might be struggling to answer
  • Learn how companies have successfully implemented frameworks like OKRs and reached a point where even hard to hit goals are being achieved more often than not
  • Get free guides and business cases that you can share
  • If you have seen the demo and are interested, questions about ZOKRI, and get a free trial account

You’re going to learn more about the practicalities of OKR implementation in this hour than you’ll read in OKR books.

Common OKR pain points covered

This is an educational meeting and it is FREE.
In case you are wondering, it’s not a software demo meeting!

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