10 Best Performance Management Software Programs To Try In 2021

Performance Management are the systems and processes by which a company and its employees align. The needs of the company and needs of an employee working in synergy, with both being happy with the relationship and the outcomes being created, and how they were achieved.

Areas covered by the performance management process include definitions of roles and resonsibiltities, KPIs, goals, productivity, personal development, wellbeing, and culture. 

Here is a list of the 10 best Performance Management tools on the market which offer both free and paid for plans of various costs per user.

Best Performance Management Software

Performance Management Matters & Needs To Be Balanced & Complete

Every company has strategic objectives that it most meet. Performance Management are the systems and process by which employee receive direction, clarity on goals, roles and plans, guidance on areas of improvement, encouragement and support.

Clarity of metrics (KPIs), targets (goals), and executional alignment are critical component of Performance Management. The more ambiguous they are the harder it is to performance manage in a way that works for both parties. 

This is why when considering Performance Management Software having the ability to define KPIs, goals, and executional inputs is so important. Not just from an ownership perspective, but from a collaboration perspective as well. Much of what gets achieved is in teams and recognising team achievement as well as individual contributions is critical.

Well rounded Performance Management will therefore consider Personal Development, KPIs, goals, project and task achievement, process adherence, team contributions, cultural alignment, and colleague recognition. The cycles and forums that these work within also need to be managed and will include manager 1-on-1’s, weekly team meetings, quarterly planing meetings, and annual appraisals.

Performance Management Software has a job-to-do, manage the inputs, and the systems and  processes that align the company with employees in a way that both are going to thrive. There are a number to choose from so here’s a list of the ones to put on your evaluation list.

Top 10 Performance Management Software

Plan to try Performance Management Software before you use it

There is nothing like trying the software before you commit to buying it, after it’s going to play a key part of your company
growth story as well as define each employees contribution towards that growth. So it needs to tell the
right stories and do the job it needs to do really well.

You need to know what you’re looking for
before using Performance Management software

You will notice that not all of the software platforms available are exactly the same. There are some feature
differences, there is also the more subtle differences like ease-of-use, and ability to do key job well.

Goal setting is an example. You can have a text input field and call it goal setting.

You can also have features that make goal setting work for the most basic and advanced
goal setting requirements of a team or individual, like embedding KPIs in goals or OKRs.


Diagrammatic blueprints of how the whole company can measure, share and work on what matters, improve performance, and ensure everyone knows and feels that they really matter as well.

Top 10 Best Performance Management Software Tools

Here are the top 10 Performance Management Software providers that will help you with
some or all of the points above, and you won’t find a bad one on the list.

We’ll be honest – there is an obvious bias in here. But we have spent lots of time working alongside
industry experts and HR experts to create ZOKRI in order to create class leading performance management
system, and we’d encourage you to try a few to compare and contrast.


Use ZOKRI to create an engaged, goal focused and high performing team culture that succeeds with OKRs.

ZOKRI is OKR software that has been designed from the ground up alongside industry experts to introduce OKRs without breaking-step
and scale their use throughout the company. 

It’s an easy-to-use platform that guides best-practices and unlocks OKR superpowers, without needing everyone in the company to read a book.

Not only are OKRs easy to add, bit they are easy to manage with check-ins and meetings made easy and unmissable.

So with ZOKRI you the whole company has absolute clarity on how  the Company, Departmental & Team Goals align, and how success will be measured. Goal and project priorities are understood and there’s clear ownership.

When you want to extend OKRs to Performance Management, we’ve got that covered as well. You can start small and extend if and when you’re ready.

Plans & Pricing

ZOKRI is FREE to create an account where you can learn, plan and create OKRs, start running regular check-ins and having OKR meetings like 1-on-1’s, and weekly team meetings.



Goal / OKR Management 
1 Team Of Up To 10 People

No Catch

Strategic Planning
KPI & OKR Management
Notifications & Alerts
Meeting Management
Knowledge Base
Email Support
SSO User Management



Goal / OKR Management 
For Unlimited Teams

Per Month / Per User

Strategic Planning
KPI & OKR Management
Notifications & Alerts
Meeting Management
Knowledge Base
Email Support
SSO User Management

No Credit Card Required



Performance Management 
For Unlimited Teams

Per Month / Per User

All Essential Features
Personal OKRs
Personal Development Plans
Wellbeing Surveys
Custom Surveys
Manager Support
Culture & Values
HRIS Support

No Credit Card Required

Why ZOKRI & Why Today?


  • Choosing a leading OKR platform that thousands of companies use for OKRs because it’s easy to use, works for all types of teams with all types of goal setting needs

  • Setting yourself up for OKR success and create OKR fans in your team and company

  • Accelerating the OKR learning and onboarding process

  • Accessing exclusive video tutorials and guides for you and your team the right way fast

  • Accessing departmental OKR and KPI examples that can be used immediately
  • Ensuring critical jobs-to-be-done like check-ins and meetings are never missed

  • Getting the support of OKR coaches and the best software support around

  • Able to use KPIs for business-as-usual performance tracking and OKRs for your priorities seamlessly together, helping both to thrive together

  • And when the time is right, ZOKRI can play a more prominent part in your Performance Management, employee development and appraisal process, or not, the choice is yours


Meeting Management Software
For Every Type Of Meeting

If you really want to embed KPIs and OKRs in your teams day-to-day, improve focus on the goals you’re committed to achieving and improving performance, add them to meeting agendas, track actions and decisions, and stay agile with ZOKRI’s meeting management module.

This amazing feature helps you and your teams plan, run, record and follow-up on the best meetings ever, with OKRs just one of the possible agenda items for 1-on-1’s, weekly team meetings, board meetings, retrospectives, OKR planning meetings and more.

  • Propose and vote on agendas

  • See historic assigned actions and their status

  • Set recurring meeting topics

  • Embed OKRs and KPIs as agenda items for conversations

  • Create notes

  • Assign actions

  • Record decisions made

  • Emailed meeting reports

  • Calendar integration

  • Use for recurring and one-off meetings

  • Guaranteed better meetings from day 1

  • Return On Time Invested (ROTI) survey option

Michael Conn

"At Atlas Cloud we were looking for a platform to implement OKRs in order to provide clarity to our employees on the strategic direction of the business and how they could contribute or influence this. We wanted to inform and also empower our people to work on initiatives that would help Atlas Cloud to achieve strategic objectives, as well as promoting personal development.

Since implementing ZOKRI we have started to see the expected benefits, but also many more that we did not anticipate. ZOKRI facilitates important conversations that people weren’t necessarily having before, removing roadblocks to progress, providing clarity of prioritisation and improving collaboration across our business. This is even more critical for us given the move to remote working during the Covid pandemic, which had limited the ways that people traditionally interacted with each other.

The Wellbeing function has given us unprecedented insight into how our people are feeling, whether is it business related or driven by outside factors such as the continuing lockdown, and our people have really bought into this. This has allowed us to take action to address and reduce or eliminate problems at an individual and organisation wide level where appropriate.

The implementation of the platform itself was very smooth, and the ongoing support provided by ZOKRI has been excellent, including the Knowledge Base and quick response to support requests.”

Michael Conn, CFO

"No book could replicate our path to success...the system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency.

ZOKRI is intuitive, user-friendly, and flexible. Combined with OKR coaching, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other's support network. Now we are set to capture the market.

The software, insights and on-call support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks."

Mel Tsiaprazis, COO
Mel Tsiaprazis
Peter Kerr AuxinOKR

"ZOKRI is much more than an OKR tracking tool to us. We view the platform as an engine for business transformation. It is really easy to use and enables teams to plan, set goals and then execute effectively.

ZOKRI helps business that are serious about implementing OKRs to create workflows that enable teams to share the right information with the right people at the right time."

Peter Kerr, OKR Expert

#2. Workday

Workday is a platform with Human Resources features which will help you build a workplace where everyone belongs. The platform also uses machine learning to deliver meaningful, simple, and cohesive employee experiences that keep your people engaged at every step in their journey.

Plans & Pricing

Not supplied by the vendor, but you can contact the Sales teams for pricing information.

#3. Bob

Bob is an HRIS that drives culture and engagement. The platform has solutions for core HR aspects such as culture and time management to performance and integrations.

It puts individual employee growth front and center.

Plans & Pricing

You can request custom pricing by contacting the sales team.

#4. Factorial

Factorial allows teams to speed up and simplify HR processes so that you can focus on your team’s growth, their formation and the selection process. It also has features that let you create employee performance reviews to gain insight into workforce, support employee development, and make more informed decisions.

Plans & Pricing

Starts at $32.50/user/month and has a free 14-day trial.
Align and engage your workforce with clear goals and deliverables, structured conversations, real-time feedback and surveys – whether they are remote or not. Clear Review enables your people to set effective goals, give instant feedback and have meaningful conversations.

Plans & Pricing

Minimum annual contract $5,1278
Employment Hero is HR Software with Payroll and People Management features that allows HR teams to work from anywhere – connecting employers and employees in the new world of work.

Plans & Pricing

$10 per user per month

#7. Namely

Namely is a Performance Management tool where you can engage, appreciate, review, and
unify your workplace, even with a remote workforce.

Plans & Pricing

Contact the Sales team for a demo.

In StaffCircle you gain full visibility over your team’s progress, engagement levels and workflows – which matters more than ever in a hybrid working environment. StaffCircle’s consolidated platform acts as a
single source of truth for your organisation.

Plans & Pricing

1 – 3 users = $288 per month

#9. Breath HR

An HR suite that offers core Human Resources features including Performance Management – which allows you to overall boost your team’s efforts and recognise their achievements with
employee performance and people management.

Track employee performance, arrange one-to-ones, manage annual appraisal meetings,
and set goals or targets for staff.

Plans & Pricing

14 day free trial – 1 – 10 people – $15 per month

#10. Lattice

Lattice adapts to fit your company’s performance management model whether you run annual performance reviews or quarterly development cycles. Have productive meetings and one-to-ones thanks feedback and growth plans.

Plans & Pricing

Request a demo from the Sales team.

The information above – along with our list of 10 Performance Management software providers,
should help you in creating an Performance Management tool shortlist.

Choosing the best software for you, your teams and entire company is a big decision that needs to be thought about.

ZOKRI offers a FREE OKR Software plan for teams to create an account where they can learn, plan and create
OKRs immediately. Teams can also start running regular check-ins and having OKR meetings
like 1-on-1’s, and weekly team meetings right away.

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