20 Initiatives Designed To Acquire More Trial Sign-ups

Setting great OKRs is part of the secret to ZOKRI users success. Another key part is optimizing the execution of activities that help individuals and teams achieve their goals. We call these Initiatives.

20 Initiatives Designed To Acquire More Trial Sign-ups

Setting great OKRs is part of the secret to ZOKRI users success. Another key part is optimizing the execution of activities that help individuals and teams achieve their goals. We call these Initiatives.

Customer acquisition is the first in a series of Growth Levers, and arguably the most important step, as it’s the first of the dominos that needs to topple if you want to grow quickly and consistently.

Balancing Sign-up Quantity and Quality

There is always a balance to strike between quantity and quality. Acquiring lots of sign-ups that do not match your Ideal Customer Profile and are unlikely to become paying customers, or are the wrong type of paying customer, can lead to lots high CAC and a terrible LTV : CAC ratio. Both essential metrics to target if you want to be a fast growing healthy SaaS company.

This means when constructing OKR around trial sign-ups you need to balance your Key Results. This means setting not only a target for the number of sign-ups you require, but also the number of sign-ups, but the number of SQLs if you are using SQLs, and the number that convert to paying customers. Grouping these together ensures there’s a focus on quantity and quality.

Trial Sign-up Initiatives


Words are powerful and persuasive and we often fall into the trap of thinking anyone in Marketing can write great copy. Consider hiring a copywriter and testing specific elements of copy to increase conversion rates.


A video can often explain complicated concepts easier than words and some people prefer video.

Single Point Of Focus

Give your landing pages one Conversion Goal and singularity of purpose. This means removing top and bottom navigation, social sharing and all other places that can distract a user.

Email Subject Line

Increase email marketing performance by crafting better email subject lines that maximize open rates. For example, ask the recipient a question.

Emojis In Subject Line

Test whether Emojis in the subject line increases open rates.

Email Schedule Optimization

Increase email performance by testing which days, times of the day, and frequency emails are sent.

Match Intent With Conversion / CTA

If a visitor has come in looking for content on a topic not software, make the content download or subscription the conversion goal, and the download about the same topic. Use the Thank You Page to into the software and get them to sign-up.

Free Trial Sign-up Optimization

Increase sign-ups by offering a free trial and optimizing the free trial sign-up. Read more here.

Hierarchy of Persuasion

We want to increase conversions. You can use the Hierarchy of Persuasion.

Social Proof

Use Social Proof to increase trust, credibility and conversions e.g. testimonials, customer case studies, logos, partners, number of companies using – influencer testimonials.

Geo Targeted Social Proof

Increase international conversion rates with social proof from local people and companies.

Integration Partner Halo Effect

Increase your credibility, manage objections and increase conversions. Show the logos of integration partners and benefit the halo effect of their brand, increase the credibility of ours, and highlight integration opportunities.

Pricing Psychology

Use pricing psychology to increase conversions. Read more about Pricing Psychology with Nick Kolenda and Kiss Metrics.

Company Email Required

Improve lead quality by preventing personal email being submitted and insisting business emails are used.

Phone Number Request Field

Increase lead quality with a phone number. Every additional field you add to a form typically reduces conversion. But where it makes sense in the buyer journey e.g. requesting a demo, adding a phone number field to forms increases the lead value and likelihood of making a sale as you’re more likely to talk, qualify the lead and move towards making a sale than if you’d only had an email address.

Lead Capture Qualification Workflow

Increase lead quality by using questions as part of a sign-up to qualify them against your Ideal Customer Profile.

Form Field Dwell Times

See if specific form fields are reducing our response rates using Hotjar or similar tool.

Book Now Calendar

Increase demo appointments by adding a Book Now Calendar to general and specific pages like landing pages like the Sign-up Thank You page. We’ve tried this and have found it to be really effective.

Click To Call & Call Me Back

Increase conversions by making it easy for users and prospects to simply click to call or request a call back is likely to increase call rates and conversions.

CTA Positioning Optimization

Position the CTA in the optimal place for the user based on their place in the buyer journey and their intent. Read more about the fold from Kiss Metrics and Conversion XL.

ZOKRI increases Trial Sign-ups

There are hundreds of initiatives for SaaS companies wanting to acquire more paying customers, increase expansion sales, and reduce churn in ZOKRI. Here’s a small selection we’ve chosen that help you acquire more sign-ups.

You can align these and other Initiatives with OKRs that target leads and conversion rates. When Initiatives are completed in ZOKRI, the wrap-up workflow allows you to record what you recommend you Keep, Start, and Stop doing. Initiatives can then be re-run and improvements continued to be made.

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